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CXL 2022 Course Collection

CXL 2022 Course Collection

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You will get access to all of the courses and mini degrees in this collection released in 2022 by CXL Institute.

This pack contains


35 Courses Included:

Ben Labay - Experimentation program management

Carrie Melissa Jones - Community building

Chad Sanderson - Building an innovative product

Dave Sottimano - Automation with Apps Script

Jennifer Warren - Brand strategy - Certificate

Jordan Greene - Customer storytelling & proof

Jordan Greene - Customer storytelling & proof

Phil Nottingham - Audience building

Phil Nottingham - Brand tracking 101

Richard Millington - Community strategy

Timothy Gerald Wilson - Data presentation and visualization

Andrew Lolk - Google Shopping

April Rassa - Positioning & company story

Ben Labay - Voice of Customer Data

Charles Farina - Google Analytics 4

Fred Pike - Google Analytics audit

Justin Topliff - Introduction to product marketing

Kasey Luck - Email and SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

Kevan Lee - Managing a remote marketing team

Kevin Hillstrom - Transactional data analysis

Kyle Bastien - Sales and customer success enablement

Leo Castro - Hiring product marketers

Lexi Mills - Integrated Public Relations and SEO

Louis Grenier - Radical Differentiation

Mathew Sedze - Working with the product team

Maya Shah-Ceccotti - Messaging

Miri Rodriguez - Storytelling

Morgan Molnar - Product launches

Osman Javed - Segmentation and persona research

Patrick Campbell - Pricing & packaging

Phil Nottingham - Organic social media

Ross Hudgens - Scaling content marketing

Stephen Kane - Product marketing content

Taylor Engstrom - Partner & customer marketing

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