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Morgan Molnar - Product launches

Morgan Molnar - Product launches

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Become great at product launches

Learn the tools and methods that are necessary for a successful product or feature launch.

Morgan Molnar: Director of Product Marketing @ Momentive

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Morgan Molnar - Product launches


After taking this course you’ll…

Know how to set realistic launch goals that motivate your team and focus their efforts.

Be able to develop a go-to-market strategy, including defining your audience, messaging, pricing strategy, and more to maximize your chances of successful product-market fit.

Know how to enable your teams with the right training, resources and content to sell and market your new product successfully.

Be able to manage the execution of sales and marketing activities leading up to launch day and beyond, so your launch goes off without a hitch.

Know how to track the right metrics and report on your launch progress with confidence so you can WOW your leadership team.

This course is essential for you if…

You are a product marketer looking to better your skills and become a product launch master.

You are involved in launching new features or products that are expected to deliver higher deal sizes or contribute a new growth lever for the company.

You want to increase the effectiveness of your product or feature launches.

You have launched small features in the past but want to up-level your knowledge for larger, higher-value products.

This course is NOT for you if…

You are not involved in launching new products.

You don’t want to increase the impact of your launches.

You don’t have any new products or features releasing in the next year.

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