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Ryan Serhant - Sell it Like Serhant

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This is the only real estate sales course you will ever need, created for you by the #1 real estate agent in New York City. This is the ultimate guide to getting more clients, making more money, closing more deals, building your own team, structuring your day for success, and more. I want you to live a better lifestyle by becoming the best salesperson you can be. every half hour of every day. I’m going to show you how to talk on the phone to buyers, sellers, developers, and other agents. I’m going to teach you how to craft the perfect email.

Contact Email: sales@bizarena.org



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Here’s What’s Included:     

All Levels

5+ Hours of Video

Watch Ryan break down his sales techniques and then use them with real clients.

42 Chapters

Move from sales foundation into real-life application over 42 self-paced modules.

10 Worksheets and Guides

Apply what you learn to your own sales practice with interactive exercises

Sales Page: https://anon.to/e0UFFT