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Tarzan Kay - The Copy Kit

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I’m Tarzan and I have a dream.

I dream of a world where email marketing is fun and everybody wins. A world where internet marketers lead with values, where everyone gets included, and truth is the go-to sexy selling tactic.

Four years into my business I found myself sitting on a large pile of money and wondering, “What is it all even for?” I was a well-respected email marketing expert with an impressive resume of successful launches, internet-famous clients, a handsomely-sized email list and an evergreen funnel.

…and yet I was woefully unfulfilled. I had no mission. I had no vision beyond “make buckets of money.” I didn’t know what I believed, but I knew something about this industry was very wrong.

In 2020, while the world was coming apart at the seams, I was also taking myself apart at the seams. I was working with psychedelics and doing hours upon hours of breathwork, trying to piece together my mission and purpose.

Part of that work involved dismantling the copywriting strategies I’d been taught to use and figuring out, “Is this okay? Where is this doing harm? What’s the alternative? How can I do better?:

I believe we’ve reached the end of an era when it comes to the widespread use of harmful persuasion strategies, strategies that shame prospects for having the wrong mindset or buying the wrong courses or following the wrong gurus.

I hope you’ll join me in finding new ways of marketing that serve the many instead of just the few. Ways that don’t leverage nail biting, FOMO, and made-up scarcity but instead allow for the possibility of joy, true connection and radical honesty.

That’s a future I want us to create together.

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