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OVC Masters – Success Growth Mindset...

OVC Masters – Success Growth Mindset - Shift Your Mindset To Reach Success

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OVC Masters – Success Growth Mindset - Shift Your Mindset To Reach Success


This program, built at the request of one of my customers, is designed to allow the user to overcome and eliminate approach anxiety. This new 4th Gen version is designed to not just eliminate approach anxiety for men towards women they find attractive, but replace it with the natural, comfortable, automatic response of simply walking up to women you find attractive, in any situation and any location, and effortlessly starting mutually interesting and enjoyable conversations with them.  However, this program does not direct you in how you steer those conversations, making it suitable for expanding your social life, meeting your next girlfriend or helping you seduce women you find attractive, at your choice.

What is approach anxiety? It is the anxiety many men feel when they attempt to approach and talk to a woman they find attractive.  You know the feeling.  For some of us it’s a cold sinking feeling of dread, for others it produces cold sweaty palms and even physical shakes.  Regardless of how it manifests for you, it prevents you from achieving your goals.

This program works by disconnecting approach anxiety where it begins — your subconscious mind — and replacing it with a calm, relaxed and fully automated response that when you see a woman you find attractive you approach her with something interesting to say automatically and effortlessly without any anxiety at all, and then extends that to being able to maintain a mutually enjoyable conversation.

It also helps you disconnect from rejection, by removing your emotions from the equation if rejection happens.  The result is that in those cases where you approach and are rejected, you simply find someone else to talk to, without taking it personally or suffering any emotional upset.

In testing, this program performed surprisingly well – surprisingly because it works so automatically that I didn’t even realize it was working until I had been approaching and talking to attractive women for a few days!

The 4th Generation Version now includes the entire script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Fear! Please do not use this program with “Overcoming Fear” or “Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear”, as these will unbalance the script focus.

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