Ben Greenfield, Hunter McIntyre – Obstacle Dominator 2.0

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Whether you are just getting started in obstacle racing, you want to completely dominate your race, or you just want to have an absolutely amazing, lean, muscle-defined body, the six plans you get in this training manual will equip with you with everything you need to train for each distance, including exercise instructions, helpful videos, obstacle training and racing resources, and much more.

In this 325 page manual that goes way above and beyond standard, ho-hum obstacle training advice, you'll instead get the following:

8-Week Obstacle Dominator Sprint Plan – zero-guesswork training plan for 2-5 mile races.

Sprint Training 4-Week Bonus Add-On – use this bonus to fill out your calendar or as a quick month-long injection of pure sprint fitness.

12-Week Obstacle Dominator Super Plan – zero-guesswork training plan for 6-10 mile races.

15-Week Obstacle Dominator Beast Plan – zero-guesswork training plan for 11-14 mile races.

Beast Training 4-Week Bonus Add-On – use this bonus to fill out your calendar or as a quick month-long injection of pure Beast fitness.

12-Week Obstacle Dominator Minimalist Plan – This plan is versatile for anything from a Sprint up to a Beast distance and will allow you to get maximum results in minimum time, while still having time for friends, family, career and other hobbies.

We've also included three killer bonuses in the Obstacle Dominator Training Manual, straight from the slightly insane mind of Hunter McIntyre:

Ab Dominator Cash-Outs – prepare to get a flat stomach and ripped six-pack with these optional ab workouts that you can inject at the beginning of any of your workouts, use to “cash-out” at the end of your workouts, or even do as a standalone workout whenever and wherever you want. These ab workouts require minimal equipment, but will build a bulletproof core in no time flat.

Dominator Warm-Ups – these warm-ups, straight from the seasoned mind of Hunter McIntyre, are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Rather than doing a boring jog or some leg and arms swings, you'll instead get entertaining and unique warm-ups that will increase your fitness just by doing the warm-up itself, and have you 100% prepared to dominate the actual workout! You can also use these warm-ups for your races.

Dominator Fitness Tests – You can use these unique fitness tests once a week to every four weeks as a check-in to see the crazy fitness gains you'll make as you follow the Obstacle Dominator workouts. These are the same fitness tests that Hunter McIntyre uses to evaluate his progress, and now they can be yours too.

When you combine these three bonuses with the six plans you get in the training manual, you'll have every exercise, workout, test and instruction you need to confidently step onto the starting line of your obstacle race, you'll know that you've wasted no time and you'll be trained just like the seasoned pros!

Full access to the online training platform “TrainingPeaks”. This is a slick app that allows you to manage your workouts, get workout notifications, keep workout logs, and even upload heart rate and training data (yep, we've totally nerdified it for you data geeks out there and simplified it for those of you that dont dig computers but love your phone).


NEW! #2 Obstacle Dominator 2.0 Training Plan

Straight from the mind of Hunter McIntyre, one of the worlds top obstacle course racers, we've got a brand new, fully updated training plan for you with 12 week short-distance, mid-distance and long distance detailed workouts from Hunter, along with Hunters secret tips, techniques and training strategies for maximizing every last second of your training, and gaining the ultimate combination of speed, strength and stamina that a guy like Hunter possesses.

Within the pages of this new training document, you'll find:

The best tools you can possess for obstacle course training

Mobility and stability how-tos

The best ways to cross-train for obstacle course racing

Periodization and base-building decoded and easily broken down

How to choose the ideal race for you

A potent running form system for ultimate efficiency and economy

Tapering tips for the last week before your big race

A 30-day training bonus for using Hunters secret weapon: the sled

How to use Hunters “hybrid strength training” methods to get breakthrough results

A complete 12-week short distance, 12-week middle distance and 12-week long distance training plan

Yep, you read right! This is your chance to train with the exact program and strategy used by one of the top obstacle racers on the face of the planet, the great Hunter McIntyre.

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