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Jamie Wheal -  Flow Fundamentals 4.0

Jamie Wheal - Flow Fundamentals 4.0

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A six-week course that teaches you an introduction to accessing peak

states in your life and work.

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Jamie Wheal - Flow Fundamentals 4.0


Drop into Flow, On Demand.

The Zone, or Flow as it’s known in the academic space is an optimal state of consciousness in which you feel your best and you perform your best.  

It refers to those moments of rapt attention and total absorption, where everything else melts away and your focus is totally in the now. Time dilates - slowing down or speeding up, your sense of Self vanishes, action and awareness merge and you become one with whatever you’re doing.

In Flow, performance skyrockets to otherwise unreachable heights.

Practice-Based Learning

We take you through essential habits, experiments and triggers designed to produce more Flow in your life. It is experimental and experiential. Each week, we introduce the science-based triggers of Flow... and then you apply it in your own life and report back to the class. 

We share our own N=1 data sets, swap feedback and improve together. 

If you just want to kick back and listen to some neat ideas, occasionally be inspired, and not change, then this is not the course for you.

This course will give you significant insights if you do the work.

No one else can do your pushups for you.

Describing the foundational theories and models of flow in the FGP Virtual Flow Dojo.


Discussing the how-to's of biofeedback, HRV entrainment, and Navy SEAL breathing techniques.

6 Weeks

Learning & Training in Flow

35+ Videos

Studio shot in our virtual Flow Dojo

9 Habits

In your daily Power Hour

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