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Ryan Wegner – The Lead Generation Blueprint

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the Lead Generation Blueprint

The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Lead Generation Business & Escaping The 9-5

Welcome to The Lead Generation Blueprint!

In this program, I explain in detail the methods I’ve used to sign over 10 lead generation clients, providing myself & my family with a very comfortable income and allowing my partner Suzie & I to quit our full-time jobs & travel the world.

This is a step-by-step guide, teaching you how to fire your boss and escape the 9-5 in less than 60 days. There isn’t a single piece of fluff in the program – every video has its place. These methods are tried & tested by myself and anything I’ve found to be ineffective has been left out.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

Welcome To The Course! (2:24)

Introduction To The Business Model (7:43)

This Is Not For F**king Slackers (2:31)

Things You Need To Know

The Two Ultimate Assets When Building Your Business (6:50)

The Importance Of The Follow-Up (5:21)

Should I Be Using Retainers? (3:23)

Packages, Proposals & Websites (5:33)

How To Price Your Services (9:01)


The BEST Niches To Go After (5:10)

Where To Find Potential Clients (5:48)

How To Properly Qualify Prospects (4:15)

The Ultimate Way To Find Potential Clients FAST (Prospecting On Steroids) (9:12)

Contacting The Prospects

The Most Effective Ways To Contact Clients (1:41)

How To Properly Cold Call (7:04)

The Ultimate Email Strategy (3:04)

Facebook & Instagram DMs (2:11)

The Meeting

Meeting Strategy Overview (3:06)

Learning About The Business (Important Things To Ask) (5:57)

Emotional Selling (3:35)

WOW-ing The Prospect (My Presentation) (9:25)

Closing The Deal (4:46)

Building Your Funnel

Lead Generation Funnel Overview (5:38)

Creating The Funnel (3:31)

Things You Must Have On Your Pages (19:07)

Why A Landing Page Might Not Convert (8:33)

How To Automate Delivery Of Leads To Your Client (6:19)

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Overview (2:33)

Campaign, Ad Set, Ad (1:50)

Which Marketing Objective Do I Choose? (5:43)

Targeting & Budget (8:49)

How To Create An Advert (8:30)

The Facebook Pixel & How To Set It Up (3:36)

Custom Audiences & Retargeting (5:23)

Lookalike Audiences (3:01)

How To Analyse/Optimise Your Ads (7:16)

How To Guarantee A Low Cost-Per-Click (6:14)

Scaling Campaigns (3:34)

How To Get Access To Your Clients Ad Accounts (4:42)

Wrapping Things Up

A Step-By-Step Plan To Scaling Your Business (8:21)

Affiliate Program (40% Commission) (1:14)

5 Done-For-You Funnels (2:32)

BONUS MODULE: The Ultimate Cold Email Strategy

How To Kill It With Cold Email (4:14)

The Benefits Of Cold Email (1:36)

How Many Emails Should I Send Each Day? (2:56)

Subject Lines To Get 70% Open Rates (3:22)

How To Make Your Emails Stand Out (2:58)

How To Avoid Ending Up In The Spam Folder (3:57)

Creating A Nice Custom Signature That Creates Authority (4:06)

The Best Follow-Up Strategy (3:52)

The Easiest Way To Get Cold Email Leads (7:39)

How To Get Access To MILLIONS Of Email Addresses (4:28)

My Favourite Tool For Automating Cold Email Outreach (7:40)

How To Schedule A Week’s Worth Of Emails In 20 Minutes (7:40)

My Tried & Tested Cold Email Templates



Meeting Presentation Template

Independent Contractor Agreement

Spam Trigger Words Cheat Sheet.

Sales Page:   https://anon.to/wk60dK