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Welcome to the reissue of the Bagua Mastery Program, the most comprehensive training guide ever created for Bagua.

The lineage of this program has been passed down from Master to student in China for thousands of years, where I studied it under Master Liu Hong Jie.

As an American child from new York, I know that his decision to take me as a student was not easy, but I believe that his decision was prophetic. The world needs Bagua now more than ever.

No one can claim that we have seen some incredible achievements in our time. As a society, we have achieved incredible achievements in the name of technology and manufacturing.

But since we are always “guessing” about computers for a long time … We sit in artificial light … Worry about deadlines … Stress on the family … And excessive stimulation of our nervous system by coffee and unnatural food …

I have to ask … Should we give up health, strength, and peace of mind in the name of progress?

Should we put up with poor health, pain, anxiety and worry?

Should you accept body aches, pains, and stress as unavoidable?

Or will you act? Search for the truth? And rediscover viability?

I invite you to become one of the few who finds new strength in the living art of Bagua.

To be honest, I care how many people accept mediocrity into their lives without question, but you don’t have to be one of those people.

This is not a diatribe against modern society or the West, it is a call for you to become something more. To become a powerful. Strong. And Vital.

Bagua will help you resist the severity of everyday stress, anxiety, and frustration so that you can thrive.

Bagua speaks the universal language at the center of every man and woman that is encoded in your DNA …

The monks of a forgotten time imprinted this code in the text “I-Ching: the book of changes” and improved circular meditative movements designed to enhance human evolution.

Over time, Bagua began to include powerful martial arts, which served as the main method of fighting for the guards of the Chinese dynasty.

Regardless of the reason you choose Bagua, you will understand its power in the form of improved health, increased flexibility, increased qi, increased awareness, and greater strength.

I look forward to hearing from you in the Bagua master community as you begin to clear energy blockages and awaken to your innate inner strength.

Further and further,

Bruce Francis

Founder, Energy Arts Inc.

PostScript the last time we released the Bagua Skill program 5 years ago, it sold out very quickly. The reissue is now available for a limited time with additional bonus content, including videos from our last event in Ibiza. Remember that you can buy without risk with our 100% money back guarantee, but you will have to act soon.

I Ching, the book of Changes and 8 Trigrams

Deep in the Kunlun mountains, records have been found in monasteries that are more than 4,000 years old. They tell of Taoist monks who held various mudras (special forms of hands) and recited mantras (prayers and incantations) while walking in circular patterns.

The Bagua are said to have descended from these original practices and are recorded in I Ching: the book of changes. Eight elementary trigrams are presented in the form of “Changing one palm”, which is the basis of the Bagua mastery program.

8 elementary trigrams

Sky Lake / Fire / Thunder | Wind | Water | Mountain | globe

To walk in a circle

Walking in a circle creates a swirl of energy that builds strength and strengthens you, helping to create 360-degree awareness.

This sphere of energy is ideal for martial arts and martial applications, but it also uses a higher vibrational state that calms the mind and generates a new perception of time.

Change of palm and change of one palm

Various combinations of hand movements in Bagua are called palm changes.

The most important and fundamental palm change is the “palm Change”, as it includes every element of the trigram and provides smooth transitions between movements.

Holding the palm position in the “Change one palm” mode while walking in a circle is how you focus your Chi, transfer energy, reduce stress, and develop incredible strength.

Bagua as a powerful spiritual practice

The I Ching contains two and a half millennia of spiritual wisdom in its pages, and the Bagua represents this wisdom in physical form.

Only direct experience with an advanced Bagua is sufficient to truly know the spiritual power of the practice. Words always fail in comparison …

I promise you that the Bagua Mastery Program provides a complete condo with everything in my Bagua line so that you can experience the Power one day.

Here’s what you’ll get in 4 monthly installments:
1. the Bagua program Contains the Full text in digital format

More than 1000 pages covering all aspects of Bagua and Single Palm Change – from beginners to advanced

Step-by-step and detailed instructions with graphics to help you improve quickly and effectively
The largest volume of text about Bagua in world history
3. Audiopackage at the Bagua to practice practice circular walk

Let Bruce guide you in real time as you train your moves with these 63 guided practices.

Use your phone, iPod (mobile MP3 player) or home stereo to listen while driving – more than 17 hours of audio!
It’s like having an instructor in a room with you
2. high-definition Video over 35 hours of direct training with Bruce Francis

More than 34 hours of instruction from Bagua Instructor Event, Wind Palm Event and Earth Palm Event are divided into 202 separate lessons that will help you visualize and practice with confidence

Learn visually and physically by following the expert’s movements
Practice in unison with other students and discover vital settings that will take your practice to the next level
4. Access to our private Facebook group

Our personal page will connect you with the global community to discuss the course materials for the month, share experiences, and give and receive support. Here you can post questions for the guide.