Grant Cardone - How To Get Your Dream Job in 72 Hours

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Twenty one million people have been unemployed in less than three weeks. This is the fastest reversal of employment numbers in the history of our country. Companies of all sizes, large and small, have been forced to let people go with almost no notice due to the coronavirus pandemic and country being shut down.

My companies were hiring people in the first week of March and having to let those people go three weeks later because we couldn't properly onboard and acclimate them. Industries have had to do the same thing and almost no one has not been impacted; airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail, banking and more.

Three times in my life I was unemployed when there was similar unemployment situation. Looking for work when people are firing is not just scary it requires and different set of skills. In each one of those scenarios not only did I get a job, twice I got a dream job.

I went to my studio this week and created a training video to help those affected by the millions of job losses