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Ryan Daniel Moran - Million Dollar Brands

Ryan Daniel Moran - Million Dollar Brands

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My Step-By-Step Method to Building a Successful Business


    Give Me 21 Days And A Little Bit Of “Skull Sweat… And I’ll Guide You To The Business of Your Dreams… FOR FREE

    Let me be brutally honest (and confirm what you already know to be true)…

    There’s no magical “add to cart” button hiding on the internet that can guarantee you a real business worth millions of dollars.

    Instead, you’ll need to…

    • follow a proven Plan…
    • develop a Product...
    • build a set of business Processes to support the plan and product...
    • find the right People to buy the product...

    ...and actually do the work required in all those areas...

    Which is exactly what I’ve designed Million Dollar Brands to help you achieve.

    Then, and only then, will you have a reasonable -  not guaranteed - shot at making your dreams come true.

    I know because others just like you have used my proven Plan to find the People who will buy their Products, and then followed my Processes to build the business of their dreams and create lasting wealth for themselves and those they care about...

    And I’m certain that with the universal business principles you’ll learn in Million Dollar Brands, you’ll be fully capable of creating those types of results for yourself.

    A Peek Inside “Million Dollar Brands”

    Once inside the training area, you'll have access to 10 Modules.

    Each module contains an audio and video presentation that walk you through the key distinctions you need to move forward.

    Along with each module, you'll also get an Action Guide with worksheets, summary of the most important points, and key questions you'll want to answer to have the best shot at building your Million Dollar Brand the FIRST time out.

    Here's what you’ll learn inside the Million Dollar Brands:

    Module 1

    The "12 Months to $1 Million" Formula

    Discover the difference between a product and a BRAND (this distinction is what makes the difference between “one hit wonder” companies, and those that profitably roll out product after product)

    Find out the BIG reason it’s faster, cheaper, and easier than ever to grow a successful brand (and why the Big Companies are running scared as a result)

    Learn how to spot emerging market trends (so you can identify niche products to sell with a high probability of success)

    Discover why it can actually be DETRIMENTAL for a new business to be OVERfunded (and the funding “sweet spot” that will give you the best chance at success)

    And more...

    Module 2

    Why Physical Product Brands Are Selling For 8 & 9 Figures

    Learn the “7 Figure Formula” for building a million dollar business in 12 months or less (when you break down the math, it’s almost too simple)

    Find out why you actually WANT and need competition in order to thrive (many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to find a market with zero competition - and it’s usually just a matter of time until they go under!)

    Discover how to gauge the responsiveness of a potential customer base (you don’t just need customers to succeed long term - you need true FANS of you and your brand)

    Learn why being willing to “lose” a little bit of cash up front can drastically multiply your ROI down the road (and put you in the “fast lane” to 7 figures)

    And more...

    Module 3

    The Hottest Markets (Where Businesses Are Being Acquired For The Most Money)

    Discover why you actually shouldn’t focus “serving the world” with your brand (and how shifting your focus will actually allow you to have an even greater impact)

    Find out how to leverage your competition to get laser-focused on your ideal customer base (so you can find the niche “tribe” who you can best serve - and sell stuff to!)

    Learn how to use social media for FREE “market research” (doing this can even jumpstart the launch of your first product)

    Discover how to “look within” for breakthrough product ideas (sometimes the most profitable idea is too obvious to spot at first)

    And more...

    Module 4

    Choosing Your Niche (How To Narrow Your Target Market)

    Learn The “Hero’s Journey” Methodology for identifying the present and future wants and needs of your audience (so you can come up with a suite of products to sell them at multiple stages of their journey)

    Find out how to create a “gateway product” that’s a perfect entry point for new customers (get this concept straight, and you can make every product you roll out into a “gateway” for different subsections of your audience so they compliment your other products and boost sales across the board)

    Discover how and where to find quality white-label products to brand as your own (without becoming a “knock off” of another brand)

    And more...

    Module 5

    YOUR Hero’s Journey + How To Get To Your First Million In 12 Months

    Find out how to eliminate many of the common fears and internal blocks that slow down most entrepreneurs (so you can start off FAST and only build momentum as you grow your brand)

    Discover the "1000/10/1 Market Method for getting Influencers and Superfans posting about your brand just in time for Launch (so you have a flood of customers beating down your door right from day one)

    Find out how to get customer reviews that grow your sales on autopilot (how good will it feel to wake up with more money in the bank than when you went to bed!)

    Get the powerful 2-Sentence Social Post template for instantly rallying support for your new business (this will help make your first launch a true Game Changer for you)

    And more...

    Module 6

    What You Need To Know About Your Target Audience

    Find out why aiming for “good enough” is far more effective than aiming for “perfect” when launching a new product (many entrepreneurs make this mistake and their business NEVER makes it off the ground as a result!)

    Learn how to communicate with suppliers, manufacturers, and private label distributors so you portray yourself as a PLAYER to be taken seriously (rather than a total newbie who’s just begging to be ripped off)

    Discover the best way to come up with a compelling brand name and identity (you’d be amazed at the cringeworthy - or worse, completely forgettable - brand names that many first-time entrepreneurs settle on!)

    Find out how and where to get your first logo designed (this little piece is one of THE most important things to get right on your first outing)

    And more...

    Module 7

    The Proven Strategy For Choosing Profitable Products

    Discover how to choose products that have the best chance of being successful (even if you're starting from scratch and no one knows who you are)

    Learn how to leverage the “Trillion Dollar Marketplace” (and get other people’s advertising dollars behind your first product launch)

    Find out how to read a market and estimate product sales (so you can avoid “flops” and be hitting product homeruns from day one)

    Discover the one “metric” that’s even more important than sales (especially when you’re first bringing a product to market)

    And more...

    Module 8

    Questions & Answers

    Learn to start viewing the world through the lens of “brands” (this will completely change your experience of life, so that you get inspiration for new products and innovative ideas everywhere you look)

    Discover the #1 MOST important thing you need to do to get results (not just in business, but in ALL areas of your life!)

    Learn how to leverage the “behind the scenes” work you’re doing to build your business, in order to create your Brand Story (doing this will give new audience members something to latch on to and connect with, essentially “pre-selling” them on buying your products before they even see them)

    Find out the top 7 “Clarity Questions” I get from new entrepreneurs at this stage of their Million Dollar Brand journey (and how you can avoid ever needing to ask them in the first place)

    And more...

    Module 9

    How To Scale (Even If You Have A Tiny Budget)

    Develop an understanding of the landscape of Internet Marketing (so you can grow your audience and your sales as quickly and effortlessly as possible)

    Learn how to think and plan for long term success (so you don’t run into self-made obstacles down the road)

    Find out how to utilize email marketing to build a deeper connection with your audience (email is still the #1 BEST way to build personal relationships with prospects and customers in an extremely scalable format)

    Discover how to find “joint venture” partners to promote your brand and products (find good partners, and you’ll also be able to create additional income streams by promoting their products and services in turn!)

    Learn how to leverage paid advertising to quickly grow your brand (do this wrong and it’ll cost you an arm and a leg… do it right and you can instantly 5x or 10x your profits)

    And more...

    Module 10

    Next Steps

    Get a detailed overview of the opportunities now available to you as an MDB Graduate (to help you continue to grow, scale, and succeed in all your endeavors)

    Required Reading for “Millionaire Thinking” (these are my top picks for books to expand your understanding of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and in life)

    Learn how to create ongoing accountability (so you continue to make progress and hit goals, no matter how far you’ve come already)

    Receive a powerful template for reaching out and fostering relationships with influencers in your network (so you can connect with like-minded movers and shakers and find mutually beneficial ways to support one another)

    And more...

    How Much To Enroll In the Million Dollar Brands Training?

    Like I said, it doesn’t have to cost you a dime... if you just do the work.

    All I require of you is to COMMIT to your own success - meaning, I’m holding you accountable for going through and IMPLEMENTING each and every lesson in the program.

    Submit proof that you’ve taken ACTION to us within 90 days and we’ll refund every cent of your initial investment, and the training costs you nothing but your time and effort.

    It’s not a lot of work.

    It just requires you to sit down, to watch some videos, to think, and to answer some questions.

    Fact is, you could get through the entire training in about a week if you set aside just 2 hours per day.

    Heck, even with a family, working two jobs, you could still knock it out in 30 days. (Just replace Netflix or Xbox with time invested in going through the training and executing!)

    The exercises you'll be completing and the questions you’ll be answering are foundational to ANY business you’ll EVER launch.

    Imagine how much less stress you'll experience if you’re starting with a system you that you know WORKS beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    You’ll be building your business on a rock-solid foundation, miles ahead of the competition when you launch.

    As long as you actually sit down and do the work, you could throw this training on a credit card, and you’ll more than likely have your money back before the next bill is due.

    With that said… I am looking for people who are committed enough to invest in themselves and put a little skin in the game.

    That’s why we’re asking you to pay a refundable enrollment fee up front.

    Priceless Business Knowledge At Your Fingertips

    Listen - This training teaches you the foundation of EVERY great business ever… so to call it priceless is absolutely true.

    5 Major Companies That Went Bankrupt Because They Weren’t Built On The 4 Pillars

    • Kodak
    • Blockbuster
    • General Motors
    • Atkins Nutritionals

    Skip what we teach in Million Dollar Brands and your chance of success drops dramatically - no matter what other advantages you might think you have.

    I’ve seen well-funded companies HEMORRHAGE cash because they didn’t understand the principals you’ll know backwards and forwards after completing Million Dollar Brands.

    Knowing these secrets will…

    • allow you to launch faster…
    • find your ideal PEOPLE faster and with more certainty…
    • know exactly what PRODUCT to sell…
    • have a PLAN to make it all work together…
    • and the PROCESSES to build and sell for millions (if that's what you want)...

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