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    Dagobert Renouf – How To Dominate Twitter...

    Dagobert Renouf – How To Dominate Twitter (Advanced Growth Bundle)

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    Boost your Twitter engagement with a daily routine that gives your tweets priority in the feed. Your tweets aren’t as bad as you think.


    You’re just break­ing the rules of the algo­rithm without real­izing it.




    Most of your tweets get little attention.

    Success seems random and unrelated to the effort you put in.

    You see 💩 tweets go viral, but it never happens to you.



    You tweet 5x a day.

    You reply to tweets from big accounts.

    You spend hours writing threads.

    You jump on the latest trends like memes or visuals.

    You use hashtags.

    You even tried shady tactics to gain lots of followers quickly 🤦‍♂️



    You could be getting 100 followers per day. But instead you worry about the 2 who unfollowed you last week.

    You miss out on opportunities for brand awareness, sales and partnerships.

    You have no authority in your niche. People don’t take you seriously.



    1 — Discover the rules of the algorithm


    Learn how the algorithm prioritizes tweets.

    Stop breaking the rules.

    2 — Learn the formula to boost engagement


    Increase organic engagement on your tweets 2x-10x.

    Stop tweeting into the void.

    Make your tweets trending.

    3 — Follow a daily routine to grow consistently


    Focus on the right things so twitter doesn’t become a full-time job.

    Get actionable routines for 30min, 1h, 2h per day.

    4 — Adapt to your number of followers


    Get unstuck at 0-100 followers.

    Accelerate growth as you reach 100, 1k and 10k followers.

    5 — Learn to write original tweets quickly


    Bypass the fear of the blank page.

    Prevalidate tweets so you can guarantee their success.

    Reduce writing time by 80%.




    Revealing the truth about the Twitter algorithm


    — Dissecting the feed to see what gets priority.

    — The plan to grow 10x faster.

    The 4 keys to grow on Twitter


    — The 4-step growth formula.





    Your daily routine to get maximum engagement


    — Groundwork – find who to follow.

    — Groundwork – make your profile more followable.

    — Building your routine.

    — Routine per time available (30min / 1h / 2h). [PDF]

    — Monthly maintenance.

    Strategy depending on number of followers  (in advanced bundle)


    — Strategy at 0 followers.

    — Strategy at 100+ followers.

    — Strategy at 1,000+ followers.

    — Strategy at 10,000+ followers.

    — Specific routines per followers + time available. [PDF]

    Writing framework  (in advanced bundle)


    — My process to find original tweet ideas effortlessly.

    — The 5 types of tweets and how to nail them.

    — What you should and shouldn’t share.

    — How to write great replies.


    Bonus — 9 advanced strategies  (in advanced bundle)


    — How I got 5k visits to my site per month from Twitter, even with less than 1k followers.

    — How to get your reach back after a break.

    — How to use analytics to track your growth

    — How to know if a failed tweet deserves a second chance.

    — How to avoid the pitfalls of massively viral tweets

    — How to double your Twitter reply speed.

    — When you should use a link to your product and when you shouldn’t.

    — What to focus on to become a must-follow account.

    — When to promote your product for maximum reach.

    Bonus — Becoming a meme lord  (in an advanced bundle)


    — How I use memes to accelerate my growth.

    — The hidden strategy behind memes.

    — My entire process to create viral memes.

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