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Danielle Shay (Simpler Trading) – Quarterly...

Danielle Shay (Simpler Trading) – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE

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Danielle Shay (Simpler Trading) – Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE


Find out why this is one of Danielle’s most profitable strategies

With most strategies, traders are at the mercy of the markets, watching and waiting for their favorite patterns to appear.

However, earnings season repeats around four times a year and covers 10 weeks out of a quarter. This makes it a predictable time to identify opportunities.

Using her time-tested formula, Danielle nails quarterly gains, no matter what goes on in the overall markets. All she does is wait till stocks on her watchlist enter the “Hot Zone”,

During pre-earnings season, you’ll see moves like this - multiple setups at one time, all coming through, which leads to large percent gains. You can focus on that as well.

Since earnings season comes around every quarter, it’s one of the most reliable things in the market…

And with Danielle’s proven formula, you’ll discover there’s opportunity everywhere.

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