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IAwake -Stealing Flow

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NeuroFlow: features expansive 3D holophonic nature soundtracks infused with advanced brainwave &

biofield entrainment technology for quickly accessing profound states of focus, relaxation, and creative energy.

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NeuroFlow is for:

The balanced, relaxed focus when you need to for work, for the study, for play.
Deeply relaxing after intense focus or to de-stress..or to just chill.
Energizing, feeling good, getting “high"
Generating creative flow for work, writing, art, expression
Flowing with your life and your world in all its richness and possibility and aliveness.

NeuroFlow's unique formula may benefit:

Balanced Concentration
Awareness & Clarity
Deep relaxation
Deep Sense of Invigoration
Deep meditation
Blissful states of consciousness
Creative Energy

Use it while you:

Relax alone or with friends
Surf the Internet
Exercise or hike
Can be played "behind" other iAwake programs, meditation CDs or your favorite music

Sales Page: https://anon.to/87FhCk