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Cat Howell - The Incubator

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Attract Trophy Clients &

Scale Your Agency to $20K/mths

The Incubator

Discover your niche

​Position your solution

​Automate your lead generation

​Automate your client onboarding

​Scale to six figures


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Here’s What’s Included:      

Discover your niche
​Position your solution
​Automate your lead generation
​Automate your client onboarding
​Scale to six figures
“I landed 2 new clients (mortgage loan officers) and successfully raised my prices!”
Before the Incubator – Kruiz struggled to generate leads and relied almost exclusively on his own network.
Imagine This….
​​You had a strong portfolio and could easily overcome the “how can I trust you” objection…
​You were able to say no to less than ideal leads and only take on perfect clients…
You had a steady stream of leads coming in and were able to scale your revenues to $20K month…
You were clear on your niche and prices and positioned yourself as an expert in your space…
Presented by Cat Howell
“I fired a toxic client and now have 2-3 discovery calls coming in each week. Only working with my ideal clients from now on!”
Kayla now has her online presence set up to position her as an expert and has more confidence saying no to the wrong kinds of clients.
Ideal for…
Freelancers or agency owners who…
Just getting started out or doing under $20K/mth in revenues…
Don’t have case studies or testimonials…
Not sure who or which niche to work with…
 ​They are unsure about their pricing and how to value their services…
Week I
Your Pricing
Mindset Check
Communicating Core Solution
Niching Down
Rapid Fire Testing
Crafting Your Message
Your Pitch Deck
Action Items
Week II
Creating Process of Services
Your Portfolio/Website
Priming Your Facebook Page
Getting Published
Case Studies
Action Items
Week III
Your Hook
Building The Funnel Backend
Building the Funnel Front End
Copywriting for Your Funnel
Additional Questions & Training
Action Items
Week IV
Business DNA Strategy
Video Prospecting
Strategic Partnerships
Action Items
Week V
Onboarding Clients
Getting Paid on Time
Client Communication Cycles
Action Items
Third Challenge
Here’s what our students are saying…
“I went from not having very many leads or sales calls to [in a matter of eight weeks] getting 3-4 leads per week!”
Nik D. spends an hour per day on his pipeline and is now able to generate high quality leads for his business!
“I increased the monthly dues for two of my clients by 50%!”
Get immediately download Haled Cat Howell – Incubator 2.0
I’m a single full-time mom to two amazing boys, doing it solely on my own. I am a Marketing Director for a legit e-comm store that brings in monthly revenue of 1.7M, and I also own my own consulting firm with a handful of clients that I’ve maintained through the years. In essence, there is not enough time in the day…
[Since joining the Incubator] I’ve created a strong portfolio that showcases the quality of my work, I restructured my pricing and put practices into place for growth (can’t wait to scale) and I increased the monthly dues for two of my clients by 50% (Started August 1)”
– Carrie Matlin
I can not recommend the incubator program enough! At first, I was a bit hesitant, having already been running my agency (or so I called an agency) for 2 years I saw it as a step back in a sense. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
It showed how to go back to the basics and set my business up with the proper processes and professionalism it needed to make it an ACTUAL AGENCY. The support from the Eight Loop team and everyone else is incomparable to anything else out there. After 8 weeks I am more than confident in the foundation they helped me lay for my business and the processes they helped me put in place to actively be bringing in new client leads.
A HUGE thanks to Cat, her team, and everyone else in the program.
“8 weeks ago…I was struggling to even get prospects to set up a call with me. Let alone actually signing them up as a client. I had a vision of a successful agency when my reality was far from it.
…The incubator taught me how to tap into a pipeline of leads and that was super valuable. Not only that but, my confidence as a Facebook marketer has skyrocketed.
I can safely say, that I no longer feel imposter syndrome when I talk to clients!”
– Nik Delgado
Carrie Peterson, Superior Reach
The Incubator program is AMAZING! Systems and outsourcing are two ways I wanted to expand our agency growth. I now have made huge strides and am building my team.
The coaches, systems, and support from fellow group members have helped me and my agency.
The coaches are so authentic and relatable, always putting the students first in a humble and kind way. Even though I know they are some of the best marketers and coaches out there!
Thank you Cat and team for the teaching, support, and systems!
“I didn’t want anyone interfering with our business but within a couple of weeks we had a niche sorted and started to grow…”
Emma J. went from being brand new to the agency space to have a set up ready for growth!
Is this only for FB Freelancers? – No-It is suited to any freelancer or agency owner looking to build up revenues inside their business so they can finally get to a stage where they can start to bring on support.
What can I expect from taking this program? – You’ll be able to generate leads from prospecting strategies, scale your revenues, and gain clarity around your pricing & niche.

Sales Page:   https://anon.to/vajF2c