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Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Advanced

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with more & more bloggers finally realizing they can’t rely on Pinterest for ALL their traffic anymore (#smart), they're now turning their attention on SEO.


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Module 1. Making Your Blog Lightning-Fast & Google-Friendly

Module 2. Crafting An Optimal Site Structure & Homepage Design
Module 3. How To Do Keyword Research The Right Way
Module 4. The Secret To Creating Epic Content That Google Loves
Module 5. Getting Started With Link Building
Module 6. How To Swipe Your Competitors' Best Backlinks
Module 7. How To Build Links & Relationships With Guest Posting
Module 8. How To Create Linkable Assets That Get Links & Shares

9 Killer Bonuses When You Upgrade ...

Bonus 1. How To Master Google's E-A-T Algorithm
Bonus 2. How To Create Affiliate Content That Ranks In Google
Bonus 3. How To Get Your Blog Featured On Huge Authority Sites
Bonus 4. Building Powerful "Resource Page" Links
Bonus 5. The Secrets To A Successful Expert Roundup
Bonus 6. SEMRush "Mini-Class"
Bonus 7. Credit Takeoff "Behind The Scenes"
Bonus 8. The Trello SEO Roadmap
Bonus 9. Private Student-Only Mastermind Group

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