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YOYAO Hsueh – Topical Maps Unlocked [Complete]

YOYAO Hsueh – Topical Maps Unlocked [Complete]

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A topical map is a visual representation of the main topics, subtopics, and supporting content within your industry. It allows you to clearly outline the scope and depth of your knowledge and expertise, and helps you organize and present your content in a logical and easily digestible way.



This course is designed to help you establish your site as a topical authority by creating and using a comprehensive topical map. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to research, organize, and present your content in a way that showcases your expertise and builds credibility with users and search engines.

About Yoyao Hsueh

  • I have created many topical maps for clients through my service at I also provide SEO and content strategy services to clients in a variety of industries. I’ve built, bought, and/or sold dozens of niche and authority sites. Through my experiences, I have experienced the benefits of topical authority in gaining the trust of Google and visitors.
  • I also run the Niche Surfer newsletter and Niche Creator Q&As at I curate and share the best SEO and niche site resources weekly to help you learn to build profitable niche sites, create content, and generate passive income online.

What you get:

  • Course Overview
  • Intro to Topical Authority
  • Intro to Topical Maps
  • Research the Niche and Competitors
  • Keyword Research, Analysis, and Clustering
  • Building the Structured Topical Maps
  • From Topical Map to Content Plan
  • Topical Map and Internal Linking Strategy
  • Maintaining the Topical Map and Content Plan
  • Using Topical Maps With Existing Sites
  • From Theory to Practice
  • SERP Similarity Tool

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YOYAO Hsueh - Topical Maps Unlocked Course Content

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