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Andrew Mioch - Sexual Quantum Leap - Best She...

Andrew Mioch - Sexual Quantum Leap - Best She Ever Had 2.0

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The proven blueprint men are using to supercharge their sex lives in as little as 30 days


“You’re the only person on this planet I EVER want to touch me”.

That’s what she said… while they were having sex.

Shortly followed by…

The words every man wants to hear.

“This is the best sex I’ve ever had”.

He felt a sense of pride.


Competence as a man.

Knowing that if his woman could be with any guy on the planet…

She would choose him, because of how he satisfied her.

I’m talking about Chris – one of my clients.

When he told me this story… a tear rolled down my cheek.

I was so, so happy for him.

But why am I even telling you this?

I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Before I do, I want to ask you a question….

If you’re a man dating, with a girlfriend, or married to a woman you adore… have you ever wanted to:

  • Overcome performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction so you can both experience more pleasure?

  • Be the man she always desires and would never even think about leaving because you satisfy her mind and body like no one else can?

  • Develop bulletproof confidence in the bedroom to bring out your woman’s freakiest, wildest side?

  • Be the sexual leader who rocks her world every time you’re in the bedroom?

  • Give her multiple mind-blowing orgasms and connect with her on a deeper, more primal level?

  • Re-ignite the spark in your relationship so there’s sexual desire just like when you first started dating؟

Then this might be the most important letter you ever read.

Hi, my name is


And as the founder of SQL, I’m on a mission

My mission is to elevate the sexual well-being of humanity so that no man will get left behind ever again.

I’m here to help men across the world master their own sexuality…

So they can help themselves and the women they’re with to experience the best sex of their lives.

Because I’m actually just a normal guy and my sex life started further back from where you are today.



When you grab the Best She Ever Had Online Academy, you’ll discover how to:

  • Last as long as you want, have full control over your ejaculation & have amazing sex all night

  • Build a deeper connection with your intimate partner through sex

  • Understand how to communicate your sexual desires & get your needs met sexually

  • Have any woman you have sex with utterly addicted to you

  • Kill your sexual anxiety & eliminate erectile dysfunction once and for all

  • Boost your sexual energy & heighten your arousal levels

  • Increase the sexual pleasure of you & your women

  • Spice up your sex life & live out your fantasies

  • Make a woman squirt like Niagara falls (Yes, every woman can)

  • Secrets to add variety to your sex life with a significant partner

  • How to be rougher, more assertive & dominant in the bedroom

  • Plus tons more


  • The 10 Must Know Mindsets Of Sexuality

  • The little-known 80/20 psychology to become a savage in bed

  • The #1 mindset to get what you want in the bedroom

  • The single most important realization you’ll ever need to build amazing connections & keep her around. This will allow her to live out her deepest fantasies with you & never want to leave

  • The 2 thoughts that go through my mind when I look at a woman that makes her feel safe and at ease


  • Sexual Psychology & Deep Connection

  • The 4 pillars to ultimate sexual connection

  • Master these 2 aspects of your sexuality to have bulletproof confidence in the bedroom

  • The 6 s’s of sexuality you must understand to have the best sex of your life

  • Safe words, precautions & how to use “aftercare” to keep her coming back with you & never want to leave


  • Erection & Sex Drive Mastery

  • The number #1 mindset to completely destroy performance anxiety

  • Why your masturbation habits are destroying your sex life

  • The only 4 times you should actually watch porn

  • 5 Simple exercises to help you overcome erectile dysfunction & delayed ejaculation forever

  • Get it up & keep it up and have the hardest erection know to man (Without any creams, pills or injections)


  • Ejaculation Secrets: Last All Night

  • 3 positions to easily last longer

  • 7 different “rhythms” you can use while making love to control your ejaculation and last longer

  • The mindset you absolutely must have if you want to have the best sex of your life

  • How to respond if you do finish too quickly so it’s not awkward and you still feel fine about it


  • Secrets To Foreplay & Dirty Talk

  • The secret to get her dripping wet before you even touch her

  • Warning: This drives women crazy! Discover the art of unpredictable foreplay

  • The “light-touch” foreplay sequence: use this to ramp up sexual tension & make her incredibly aroused!

  • Live model demonstrations: I will show you 7 different foreplay techniques & demonstrate how to perform them with a live model


  • Female Anatomy & Multiple Orgasms

  • Discover the 7 most sensitive parts of the female anatomy to give her the best, hardest, most intense orgasm every time!

  • Why all woman can have multiple orgasms

  • Most powerful combos to make any woman orgasm & thank you for it

  • Live video demonstration on model so you know exactly how to stimulate all her areas


How To Eat Pussy (yes, we’ve devoted a whole module)

How to eat pussy 101: Discover the secrets taught to me by a woman who has been obsessed with it for over 30 Years

The famous peach exercise: How to go down on a woman – taught to me by a female sexologist & kink expert

Plus – I will show you exactly how to give her orgasms from oral sex every time


Pussy Massage

Crucial things you must know for a sensual pussy massage

How to give a pussy massage that gets any woman soaking wet

Know exactly how to setup your bedroom so she is super comfortable

4 multiple orgasm-fingering combos to make her cum so hard she won’t remember her name


  • Squirting (Yes, Every Woman Can)

  • Step-by-step instructional on how to make a woman squirt every time

  • The 4 positions you can make any woman squirt In

  • The “inner/outer game” of squirting

  • Discover what happens the 1st time a woman squirts…


  • 10 Must-Know Sex Positions & Transitions

  • 10 positions & transitions to become a fu*k demon (I promise you most of these positions you have never done & I’ll explain exactly what spots to hit)

  • The 2 most overlooked principles to having great sex

  • How to tease her with this one simple technique (It’s not what you think)

  • How to be assertive and dominant in the bedroom

  • Make your cock feel bigger – positions to go deeper and give her more pleasure (Helps a lot if you feel you’re on the smaller side)


Anal (The Forbidden Entrance)

The ultimate anal sex guide – do’s and dont

How to give her an anal orgasm

Are you unsure how to introduce your girl to anal? Here’s how you can bring it up & make it a great first experience!

Plus tonnes more


  • Sex Toys Essentials

  • 10 fantastic sex toys you must have for an insane sex life

  • 3 sexy & easy ways to tie her up

  • Develop a killer mindset to get over using sex toys and thinking it’s weird

  • Live video demonstration of sex toys including the infamous “hail mary” combo


  • Masculinity & Becoming A True Leader In Life

  • The truth about being an alpha male and why society’s stereotypical view of an “alpha” is wrong

  • How to set boundaries effectively so women and men in your life respect you and want to have you in their life

  • The secret to naturally unlocking your masculinity & becoming a leader in your life

  • Developing your ‘masculine core’ – The #1 thing you need in your life to keep high-quality women connected to you long term


  • Dominance

  • The difference between being ‘dominant’ and ‘domineering’ and why you must avoid the latter

  • How to introduce your dominant side to a woman while making her feel safe and at ease

  • The Secrets of rough sex and why women desire it

  • The #1 dominance exercise you can use to get her soaking wet


  • “Best She Ever Had” Mini-Course

  • Advanced Sexuality Course

  • Relationship Secrets Course

  • And all Bonuses Are Also included!

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Andrew Mioch - Sexual Quantum Leap - Best She Ever Had 2.0 - 2023 Course Content


Best She Ever Had 2.0

“Best She Ever Had” Mini-Course

Advanced Sexuality

Relationship Secrets

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