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    Dr. Britney Blair - Course Collection

    Dr. Britney Blair - Course Collection

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    Lover co-founder Dr. Britney Blair is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and board-certified in sexual medicine. Dr. Blair has had decades of experience providing sex therapy to individuals at her Clinic, based in California.


    Dr. Blair has built her reputation as one of the leading sex therapists through global presentations, developing and leading workshops, writing book chapters, and publishing articles on both sleep and sexual medicine. She continues to be a Stanford consultant and is on the adjunct faculty at Stanford University Medical Center.

    Over 100 Video courses for Dr. Britney Blair including:

    • 12557 Lover010920 ED Blood Flow_and, Your _Erections.mp4

    • A Guide To Healthy Masturbation.mp4

    • Accepting Pleasure - The Body Tour_mp4

    • Being Present For Pleasure (Adv.mp4

    • Being Present For Pleasure (Solo).mp4

    • Body Image And Desire.mp4

    • Case Study of Bill And Jennifer.mp4

    • Case Study Tom And Amy.mp4

    • Case Study_ Kai and Shiloh.mp4

    • Clitoral Stimulation Exercise.mp4

    • Coital Alignment Technique (User Giving)mp4

    • Coital Alignment lechnique (User*

    • Cultural Attitudes to Sex ().mp4

    • Cultural Attitudes To Sex And Masturbation_.mp4

    • Desire Discrepancy.mp4

    • ED Case Study_ Matt-s Story.mp4

    • EDtatng 1or Success mp*

    • ED_ IFYou-re Still Experiencing Problems.mp4

    • D_ Moving Forward.mp4

    • D_ Realistic Expectations.mp4

    • ED_ Wax And Wane Level 22.mp4

    • ED_ What to do it Anxiety Strikes.mpe

    • Enjoying Manual Sex (t)_mp4

    • Enjoying Oral (A.mpá

    • Exercise lo Remove Cutural Blockers.mp4

    • Exploring Kink.mp4

    • For Your Partner- Wax And Wane Level Four mp4

    • Fostering Fantasy (w_music).mp4

    • Getting Unstuck_mp4

    • Going Down On Her.mp4

    • Imaginary Guilt And Masturbation.mp4

    • ntro Peasure*

    • Introduction to Wax and Wane Exercises.mp4

    • LDAn Introduction To The Art Of Savouring.mp4

    • LD_ Case Study_ Jules and Britt mp4

    • LD Case Study_ Leena and Harry.mp4

    • LDEmbracing discomort.mp4

    • LD_ IFYour Desire s Still Low.mp4

    • LD Stress, Sex and Desire.mp4

    • LD Tending to the garden.mp4

    • LD The Art Of Savouring Exercise_mp4

    • LDesire Moving Forward.mp4

    • Leam to Love your Body (Level 1)_mp4

    • Leam To Love Your Body Level 2.mp4

    • Lean to Love Your Body Level 3_mp4

    • Level 1 Solo WEB.mp4

    • Level 2 solo WEB.mp4

    • LOV_Sc02 Tapping Into Tum Ons_FINAL[2).mp4

    • LOV_sco4 Being Present To Pleasure FINAL (1).mp4

    • LOV_Sc04 Being Present To Pleasure_FiINAL (1).mp4

    • LOV_Sc04 Being Present To Pleasure_FINAL (1) mp4

    • LOV_sco4 Being Present to Pleasure FINAL (2)mp4

    • LOV_Sc07Ogasm_ With_A_Partner_ 101 FINALmp4

    • LOV_Sc07 Orgasms_W_ Partner NEW_TITLES SUBS.mp4

    • LOV_Sc09 Driving Up Desire_FINAL_ Male.mp4

    • LOV_Sc12 Getting Hard, Made Easy_ FINALI2)mp4

    • LOV_Sc13 Asking For What You Want_FINALmp4

    • LOV_Se14 Coreplay Not Foreplay_FINALI2).mp4

    • LOV_Sc15 The_Arousal _Scale(3). mp4

    • LOv_Sc16 The Joy of Toys. FlNALIZ) mp4

    • LOV_Sc17_Toys For Boys FlINAL.mp4

    • LOv_Sc18 Your_Seual_Sequence_FINAL_smaller. mp4

    • LOv_Sc19 Mastering Motivation_FINALmp4

    • LOV_Sc20 Fantasy to_ Reality FINAL(2).mp4

    • LOV_Sc21 Conversations On Climaxding FINAL2)mp4

    • LOV_Sc22_Explaining Erections_FINAL2)mp4

    • LOV_Sc26 10 Steps to Rekindle Desire_ FlNALmp4

    • LOV_Sc30 How Lover Can Help You_FiNAL{2) mp4

    • Not Just For Bedtime.mp4

    • Orgasmic Meditation Exercise.mp4

    • Pathway lo Pieasure- Exercise Four.mps

    • Pathway to Pleasure (L5_Partnered). mp4

    • Pathway to Pleasure (L6_ Partnered).mp4

    • Pathway to Pleasure (L7_ Partnered).mp4

    • Porm And Your Erection.mp4

    • Prioritizing >ex.mpa

    • Realstic Expectations Around Sex.mp4

    • Removing Shame And Guilt Exercise.mp4

    • Room For Moremp

    • Setting The Scene 1.mp4

    • Sex Without Erections.mp4

    • Shame Around Sexual Tum-ons.mp4

    • Shifting Focus for Better Erections.mp4

    • peel management

    • Stoking The Fire (EE].mp4

    • Stress Management - Body Scan_mp4

    • Stress Management - Leaves On A Stream.mp4

    • Stress Management - Managing Daily Stress_mp4

    • kalking Dirty (EE).mp

    • The Importance of Imagination And Anticipation.mp4

    • The Importance of Pleasurable Sexmp4

    • The Journey Ahead.mp4

    • The Kegel Gym.mp4

    • The Mirror Exercise.mp4

    • The Power Of The Pelvis mp4

    • The Power Or The Pelvis_ mp4

    • The Vulva Tour_3.mp4

    • Wax And Wane 4.2.mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level 5_mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level 5.2.mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level Four.mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level One (repeat).mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level One.mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level Three (Repeat).mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level Three.mp4

    • Wax And Wane Level Twa.mp4

    • What Is Desire.mp4

    • When You-re Just Not In The Mood.mp4

    • Your Desire Dip Toolkit.mp4

    • Your Desire Type.mp4

    • Your Sexual Breaks.mp4

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