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Dori Friend – NFG Rockstars Recordings 2019

Dori Friend – NFG Rockstars Recordings 2019

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Dori Friend – NFG Rockstars Recordings

The SEO Takeover Event You Don’t Want To Miss
Yes, I want my recordings!

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Dori Friend – NFG Rockstars Recordings 2019


That’s what we like to call Green Hat SEO! Screw Black Hat vs. White hat…. At the end of the day what matters most to us is seeing you rake it in using what we’ve shown you either online or at an event (where we can show the really juicy stuff). 

But there’s a problem with throwing an absolutely amazing event every year…

It kind of makes it hard to top last year, and the year before, and the year before.

You see, this was my EIGHTH year in a row of trying to top myself year after year and I’ll be honest – it gets harder every year.

And THAT is why I’ve decided to bring in the big guns this year!

I have pulled in some of our favorites on top of the industry cream of the crop underground SEO Professionals to make this year the best one of all. We covered nearly everything and people are telling me it is the BEST information they have gotten at anyevent..ever! But I am used to hearing that. Every year we get better and better.

Our current speaker list is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, chock full of SEO Killers, technicians, sales experts, automation specialists, and SOOO much more.

Clint Butler

Ted Kubiatis

Mark Woodbury

Alex Shute

Mike Steffens

Stephen Mac

Craig Campbell

Stephen Floyd

Holly Cooper

Steven Kang

Jeff Lenney

Victor Smushkevich

Lisa Parziale

Kevin Heimlich

Corey Rose

Terry Power

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