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Graham Stephan – The Real State Agent Academy

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Learn how to become a successful Real Estate Agent with a six-figure income, even if you’re starting with zero connections or experience.

Step by step.

In less than 10 years, I’ve gone from an 18-year old kid – fresh out of high school

with ZERO college degree

ZERO connections – and ZERO real estate experience

became a millionaire by the age of 26, with over $120,000,000 in sales as a Real Estate Agent by the age of 27.

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You’ll learn:

1. Why the #1 Happiest Job in America is working as a Real Estate Agent (Forbes)

2. How to find and interview the best brokerage to work with

3. How you can find a mentor to help boost your success

4. How to get seller leads – even without any experience or contacts

5. How to get buyers leads – even if you’re brand new to the business

6. How I make $100,000 per year posting ads on Craigslist

7. Going over the ideal listing presentation

8. Common seller and buyer objections you’ll need to overcome – and what to say

9. How to build your business just by doing open houses

10. Nearly 100 other topics..


Introduction to the course (4:38)

About me (19:06)

Disclaimer – use this course to develop your own style (2:00)

Why am I giving out this information? What happens when everyone knows about it? (2:12)

Step 1: Why Real Estate and who can become a Real Estate Agent?

Why choose Real Estate Sales? (5:28)

Why you SHOULDN’T choose Real Estate Sales? (6:41)

What does a Real Estate Agent do all day? (5:05)

Who can be a Real Estate Agent? (5:27)

The Risks of being a Real Estate Agent (4:47)

Should you move to a different market to sell real estate? (2:15)

Why mindset is EXTREMELY important (5:44)

Step 2: Getting you Real Estate License

Requirements to get your real estate license (2:03)

Should you take your license online or in person? (1:47)

Does it matter which real estate school you go to? (1:57)

Studying for the real estate exam and passing (3:14)

Can you sell real estate part time? (6:24)

Do you need a college degree to be successful? (2:44)

The advantages of being a young real estate agent with no experience (3:42)

This is why some people discourage you to sell Real Estate (4:43)

Step 3: How to join a real estate brokerage

A note about finding a mentor (4:17)

Why is a real estate brokerage important? (1:38)

Differences between an real estate agent and a broker (1:02)

How to find a real estate brokerage to work for (3:05)

How to interview a real estate brokerage (7:13)

The costs of joining a real estate brokerage (3:17)

What’s a good commission split? (3:06)

Step 4: How to start your career

Should you work as an assistant? And how can you get that job? (2:52)

Should you work solo or in a team? (5:06)

How to prepare for your career (1:49)

What you will need to begin your career (5:53)

Does the type of car you drive matter? (3:01)

How should you dress? (2:52)

How to break into the luxury market (2:25)

Why more expensive homes are often easier to sell (6:27)

Budgeting for your career (1:54)

Step 5: Getting leads and business

Introduction to getting business and leads (2:51)

Should you work with buyers or sellers? (1:07)

What to do the first 3 months to jumpstart your career (4:48)

Watch this if you ever think you have nothing to do (keep watching this video every week) (3:16)

What-to-do when first starting (checklist) (2:33)

How to get leads in Real Estate (9:33)

How to sit an open house (4:14)

Preparing for an open house (3:14)

The ultimate open house guide (9:16)

What to say during an open house (8:34)

Cold Calling 101 (2:37)

Door Knocking 101 (5:02)

Floor Calls 101 (2:59)

Prospecting your farm area 101 (3:47)

Getting Expired Listings (6:56)

Why follow up is ESSENTIAL (2:29)

Everything about advertising on Craigslist – Part 1 (11:36)

Everything about advertising on Craigslist = Part 2 (10:27)

How to comp a property to find its value (16:16)

A note about Mailers (0:53)

Why you need to follow up (1:54)

Buying Zillow Leads (3:48)

Picking up business Open House Signs – and Open House Theft (3:58)

A unique way of getting leads: How to target homes under construction (3:06)

Part 6: Working with sellers

Introduction to listings (2:51)

Beginning the listing appointment (6:40)

The best way to price a listing (7:47)

Seller upgrades prior to listing (3:30)

Seller marketing (6:33)

The Top 7 Seller Objections (9:48)

Launching a listing (11:29)

The best ways to show your listing (8:06)

How to field offers to get the highest price (4:15)

Negotiation Techniques I use (6:00)

What to do if you don’t get any activity or offers (5:52)

The pitfalls of a Daul Agency (representing both buyer and seller) (2:10)

How to handle inspections (5:08)

Pocket Listings 101 (3:07)

What about Zestimates and automated values? (1:14)

Part 7: Working with Buyers

Working with Buyers 101 (7:21)

Picking which homes to show and scheduling appointments (3:16)

My buyer negotiation strategies – part 1 (11:06)

My buyer negotiation strategies – part 2 (5:51)

How I negotiate and win multiple counter offers for your buyer (6:00)

Escrow, Contingencies, and Title 101 (8:16)

Navigating the buyer’s loan process (7:39)

Buyer’s objections and red flags – part 1 (7:56)

Buyer’s objections and red flags – part 2 (5:58)

Spotting a “fake” buyer (5:54)

Part 8: Working with lease clients

Why work with tenants and leases (2:51)

How to get lease clients (2:08)

How much commission to take? Who should you work with? (3:43)

Why follow up is essential – especially with leases (1:21)

What to do when your clients run late (5:13)

Lease negotiation strategies when representing a tenant (7:18)

Lease negotiation strategies when representing a landlord (6:43)

Part 9: Tax Planning and final thoughts

A note about tax planning (3:05)

What about taking a vacation? (2:09)

The future of the real estate agent? (2:16)

Why you need to save! (1:45)

Final thoughts (3:25)

Thank you for watching! (1:28)



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