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Anton Kraly - DropShip Lifestyle 7.0

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A brand new Welcome module to cover the foundations of Drop Ship Lifestyle:

Foundations of eCommerce

Foundations of Online Business

Knowing Your Why

Drop Ship Lifestyle Code of Ethics

Additional insights on everyone's favorite module: Niche Selection:

Product Size, Weight, & Profit

Passion vs. Profit

Examples of Good & Bad Niches

Updated strategies in the Market Research module for 2018 and beyond:

Creating Your “Future Competitors” Master List

Extracting Suppliers For Your Master List

How Much Competition Is Too Much Competition?

Massive updates to the Supplier Approvals ​module:

Drop Ship Supplier Research

Trust Is Everything

Good vs. Bad Stores

Phone and Email Scripts

Supplier FAQs (What They Ask)

Supplier Relationships (Terms, Pricing, Exclusivity, & More)

Optimizing For Conversions:

Exploit Their Weakness

Usability Over Design

Ethically Spy On Your Visitors

A WHOLE module dedicated to outsourcing & automation:

Your Automation Toolkit

Abandoned Cart Automation

Google Sheets Automation

Order Tracking and Reviews Automation

Custom Order Automation

Content Distribution Automation

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