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Six years ago I started to offer Facebook ads as a service to brands and businesses. Things started to pick up for me and I

ended up building a team – BUT, the problem was that I couldn’t find contractors or staff that knew Facebook Ads to the

level that I needed them to. This is when I decided to launch FATC – as a way to bring the processes I used to build, launch

and optimize campaigns to a wider market and improve the competency of the industry as a whole. My aim is to help you

join the ranks of the top 10% of Facebook marketers, build your confidence, and to connect you with gigs and opportunities

so that you too can grow your own Facebook ads business. I’m excited to connect with you and to be a part of your own

journey! – Cat Howell 1. INDUSTRY BASED TRAINING We’ll show you how to launch campaigns, scale results, nail

copywriting for ads, assess clients, build bots, run split tests & optimize. Consider us the secret weapon to nailing the

competence you intend on using to get client results! Training processes are shared with you and you are provided with

support around these – (lots of support). 2. PAID GIGS & INTERNSHIPS So here’s what you want to know – do we

actually send you paid gigs and internships? Yes, we do. We have thousands of businesses reaching out to us each month

wanting to be connected with marketers – people like you, no matter the level you’re at. Now – here’s the catch: to

protect the businesses we will assess your level of competence and according to this you will be matched with different

types of clients (ie: different levels = different prices). If you are brand new you will be matched with internships to help

you get your teeth cut in at low risk. Whilst we don’t guarantee a number of leads, our members do very well from it and

it’s a big reason why so many are with us for years. The aim is so that you can focus on refining your skillset and not have

to worry so much about how you will generate leads!

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