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Frustrated Marketer, Are You Experiencing Lower Conversions On Your Video Sales Letters and Webinars? Looking To

Increase Your Return On Ad Spend? Learn How I Have Taken Challenges To The Next Level In A Way That Has Now

Proven To Be Incredibly Effective For... Launching New Businesses From Scratch... Growing An Existing Business... And

Even For Hitting The Top Of The Leaderboards In Affiliate Offers. What Would It Mean To You And Your Business... If

Every Single Month You Had The Opportunity To Gather A Group Of Highly Engaged Ideal Prospects... That has gotten to

know, like, and trust you...and are fully bought into your product/service...before you ever attempted to sell them

something? And what if we could do this in days...not weeks and months? Watch This Short Training To See Why I

Believe A Well-Designed, and Well-Executed Challenge Is The Most Important Marketing Campaign To Be Running Right

Now. In Your Service, Pedro "The Challenge Guy" Adao

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