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Introduction to the course & what you can expect

How I Got Started

Module 2: Mindset

Chasing Perfection

Long Term Mindset

My Top Student Devon Making $60,000 Per Month

Module 3: Introduction to YT Money

Introduction (where are you at right now)

This Mini-course outline is broken into 3 primary lessons: The WHAT The WHY The HOW This …

List of 50 viral niches to get into

List Of 50 Of The Most Profitable And High CPM Niches (IN NO ORDER)

How To Pick A Niche

How To Decide what kind of channel you want to start

How to Verify Your Channel

Module 4: Basics of creating content

Necessary Tools For Hacking YouTube

The worst part about youtube

How to get over the “Perfection” mindset

What Equipment Do You Need

How To Download Other People’s Videos

How To Edit Viral YouTube Videos

For this video i hired one of my editors who works for me to create a training video showing you …

Setting Up Upload Defaults

Optimizing Titles For Mobile

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