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Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle by Dr Joe Dispenza


English Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle (Online Streaming)

This bundle includes two of our most popular foundational courses: The Progressive Online Course and the Intensive Online Course.

Progressive Online Course:

In this foundational online course, Dr Joe gets you out of your comfort zone, pushes you beyond your limitations, and challenges your very perception of reality. Combining cutting-edge science, inspiring lectures, real-life case studies, and powerful meditations, the information contained in the Progressive Retreat can be applied to overcome challenges throughout any arena of your life.

Intensive Online Course:

In this introductory online course, Dr Joe teaches a new language and paradigm that ultimately helps students understand themselves, the world around them, and the power of directed consciousness to alter outcomes.

The Progressive and Intensive Online Course Bundle contains approximately 23 hours of instructional videos and meditations.


This is an Online Course and is not downloadable. Once purchased, this course does not have an expiration. You will get unlimited viewing access in your account.

Completing the Intensive and Progressive Online Courses is a requirement to attend a Week Long Advanced Retreat.

Complimentary access to the Intensive and Progressive Online Course Bundle will now be provided with the ticket purchase of a Week Long Advanced Retreat with an expiration of 30 days past the retreat.

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