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    Kate Bagoy – Six Figure Freelancers

    Kate Bagoy – Six Figure Freelancers

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    I guess you could call me a quitter, just like you.

    I quit my first dream job without a plan in 2008.

    Then again in 2011 and 2016. Twice.

    I quit drinking in 2012.

    I quit watching the news in 2014.

    I quit giving too many f*cks & quit living a “normal” life in 2017.

    The point is… I’ve been where you are, and I’m still standing, stronger than ever.

    I know underneath that killer smile and fashionable outfit, you’re really scared sh*tless and not having a plan feels like suicide to a control freak like you.

    Relax, I’ve got you.

    My mission is to help you design a life you love more than a fat kid loves cake.

    I’ll help you transform your career expertise into a $100K+ business you can run from the beach or your PJ’s.

    I’ve done it twice myself, and I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same.

    In fact, 60% of my clients quit their day jobs within 6 months of working with me because they’ve replaced (or increased) their salary by starting a business.

    If you’re currently stuck in a corporate job and are dying to get out into your own business, I’d love to help you get started and get to 6-figures fast.

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    Q: What are Gumroad Payments?

    A: Gumroad Works as the payment gateway here, you get directed to an item on Gumroad that is linked to your BizArena order, once You complete you purchase on Gumroad, Your order on BizArena will be automatically Completed.

    Q: Why Your Courses Are Cheap, Is This Website Legit?

    A: Most of our courses come from Group buys.

    We either do our own group buys or organize them.

    So We have access to everything.

    And other times, We are only a participant and other people organize them for us and deliver the product to us. Every course has its own unique conditions. Some Courses we get for cheap prices (Group Buy Prices).

    And others not. We get them for an expensive price. We are making sure that We can provide affordable prices but sometimes, It is really out of our hands.

    In both cases:

    1. We only share videos, PDFS, any other documents or audio files.

    2. We don't share any Facebook Group Access or any other private communities.

    3. We add updates frequently once they are released.

    Q: How Am I Going To Receive The Course After Fulfilling My Payment And How Soon Will I Receive It?

    A: once you complete your purchase you will receive a direct link at your email, the course will also be added to your BizArena account dashboard at the "My downloads" Tab.

    Q: Do I Need A Paid Mega.Nz Account To Access The Courses?

    A: Nope, you will receive the link generated from our accounts and will use the quota from our accounts as well, this means you don't need anything else at all.

    Q: How Can I Be Sure That I'll Receive The Course That I Paid For?

    A: We have the course, you paid for it, and you will receive it.

    Firstly, you need to know that we have 100% secure payment options like Stripe and PayPal which both have refund options so you don't have to worry about that.

    Secondly, You can request content proof, we will send you screenshots of the course content, sample video links, and everything you need to make your concerns disappear.

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