Matt Furey - The Power of Thought Vibration

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On the way to breakfast this morning, I popped in a CD called The Power of Thought Vibration, something I’m giving out 

to everyone who gets a copy of The Unbeatable Man, a book that fans says is “the best I ever wrote.” In fact, this book

may be winning an award very soon. Anyway, I hadn’t listened to this CD in a while, so I wanted to make sure everything

on it was as incredible and amazing as I once thought. And let me tell you, before and after breakfast, despite having

umpteen things on the front “to do NOW” burner – I kept driving so I could listen to the entire CD. My friend, what I

reveal on this CD applies in sports, in business, when talking to others and when opening yourself up to new experiences

that you’ve always wanted but couldn’t have because you were making life more difficult than it is.