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I’m the producer of the movies “Vitality”, “Origins” and “Prosperity.” I’ve also produced the series “Interconnected”,

“Gateway to Health” and "Exhausted" with several others coming. My New York Times Best Selling book, The Urban

Monk kicks ass and I had a blast writing it. It’s in over 30 languages and keeps spreading. My other best selling books,

“The Art of Stopping Time”, “Inner Alchemy”, "Exhausted" and "Focus" are designed to help you find more time, energy,

and peace in your life. It’s written for you. No fluff. Just actionable things to help right now. The Urban Monk is not about

me. It’s about you. I’m here to teach you how to bring up your energy, take back your time, and step into your passion.

The books are all about that. I’m all about that.

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