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Brian Scott (The Reality Revolution) – The Aura...

Brian Scott (The Reality Revolution) – The Aura Program

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Design Your Reality And Live The Life of Your Dreams


      The exact blueprint to living the life of your learning the skills to design your own reality and live your best life 

      If there were a clear, actionable way to take control of your reality WITHOUT having to sacrifice everything you hold dear...

      ...would you feel confident to show up in your own thoughts and dreams?

      You see even though many people know the importance of living a well balanced life...

      They believe that the world is random and they do not have control over their own reality.

      When actually, the life of purpose, passion and success that you dream of out there waiting for YOU to take action and seize it. 

      If You Have Ever Said To Yourself...

      • ​I have no control over my reality
      • There is no hope for me or the world
      • ​I am destined to be poor forever
      • ​I do not have enough money to achieve my dreams
      • ​​I cannot connect with or understand God
      • ​I have terrible luck
      • ​I have no power to change my health or my body
      • ​I will never find the love of my life
      • ​I do not know how to make this decision
      • ​Nothing ever works for me

      I see you and I get it... because it used to be me.

      That was until I discovered how I could easily design my own reality using the exact steps that I'm going to teach you

      Introducing The AURA Program

      Your Step-by-Step blueprint for reality creation... wrapped up in easy to follow, self paced modules backed by a community of thousands of of like minded reality creators form all walks of life

      Over the past 10 years I've gone from relying on the randomness of the universe to consistently designing and creating the my dream life - and now I want to help you do the same

      So I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get there... to you.

      What's Inside the AURA Program?

      AURA Phase One

      Alternate Universe Reality Activation 

      Is alternate universe reality activation which is finding the reality in which you want to experience

      AURA Phase Two

      Alternate Universe Reality Actualization

      This is designed to take the reality that you’ve activated and then actualize it into three dimensional reality it is a two-step process this is the all important second step

      The AURA Program arms you with the tools, knowledge and skills so that you can design, create and live your ultimate reality.

      The moment you join, you get instant access to the trainings, plus any updates and bonuses I throw in the future

      As you start putting your learnings to use, you can hop in our private community to dish out questions, get support and connect with those that are on the same journey


      And because I love a cherry on top—let’s talk extras.



      • The Twin flames meditation designed for couples to use to integrate energies in a mutual meditation designed to facilitate the co creation of advanced realities and unifying your energies in a mutual direction and intention.
      • The Sexual Transmutation Of Energy Training designed to help you propel your manifestations and creations. This is the energy of creation and understanding it is a prerequisite to creating your reality
      • Reality Con Live Recordings - a tremendous event which included critical topics like reality transurfing, neville goddard, the law of one and live music with special guest Mettaverse. This was a profoundly powerful event and now you can go back and learn from these powerful teachings.
      • 90 day Meditation Program - Utilizing over 130 meditations this is designed to take you through a set of meditations that allow you to discover, activate and actualize any reality that you want.

      All of that on TOP of the simple 2-step system.

      Imagine having financial freedom and the time to enjoy it

      Imagine finding your soulmate?

      Imagine reclaiming your youthful vigor and health

      Imagine knowing how listen to your hunches and intuition to make any decision

      Imagine discovering your true soul’s purpose

      Imagine living the greatest possible life in all your future timelines, with the greatest wealth, health and loving relationships and powerful experiences 

      How Would Your Life Be Different If You Could:

      • Take time off work to spend time with family and friends without having to worry about money
      • ​Find a partner that you connect with deeply but don't end up arguing over every little thing
      • Instantly recognize the correct decision
      • ​Actually achieve your deepest desires with absolute certainty.

      Are you tired of hearing over and over again that you can use your thoughts to create reality, but you..

      • Don't know where to start
      • Don't know what to do
      • Don't know how to do it

      Are you ready to take control of your own fate?

      Can  you really afford to wait for the "right time". The life you want – of passion, health and success – is out there waiting for YOU to create it. If you don't you will get left behind.

      Most everyone in the world is doing one of two things... Trying to get by and survive...

      Or looking around for the edge that will allow them to THRIVE.

      And AURA Program is that unfair advantage to create the life you want even when outside circumstances try to hold you back.

      Sounds Great!

      So how much does it cost?

      When you enroll TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link to start:

      My Core 2 Part AURA Trainings ($197)

      The Twin Flames Meditation ($97)

      The Sexual Transmutation Of Energy Training ($97)

      Reality Con Live Recordings ($497)

      90 Day Meditation Program ($997)

      That's a Total of $1,885

      But shrug off that sticker shock, because I'm not charging anywhere near that to take you behind the velvet rope of revolutionising your reality -complete with lifetime access to any updates or changes.

      I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something big, no matter what stage of life you’re at. If you’re ready to create the life and reality of your dreams, you’re in the right place.

      But because I'm passionate about helping you crack the code and take control of your own reality and future you can grab membership inside The AURA Program for just ...

      Hi, I'm Brian,

      I have studied and conducted research on consciousness expansion for over 20 years. Along the way I became a certified hypnotist, NLP instructor, and educated myself in physics, cybernetics, neuroscience with research I did completing my Masters Degree in Communication. After surviving a near death experience, I made it my primary goal

      to help you to find that spark of power inside of you to unleash your greatest potential.

      Really I am an epiphany addict, a wow seeker. Everyday I host the reality revolution podcast where I discuss a vast array of topics on consciousness and metaphysics that have become an ongoing course in reality creation.   

      Assimilating thousands of books and complex systems I have discovered several amazing systems that when integrated have allowed me to create a life that is beyond my wildest dreams.  

      It is my primary goal in life for you to live your greatest dream possible, to find that spark of power inside of you to unleash your greatest potential. 

      Welcome to your Reality Revolution.

      Create the reality you never thought possible

      Move Into A Life Where Everything Is Working To Your Advantage.

      Adding the advantage algorithm to your reality creation model will change everything for you. Using this mindset change your life seemingly becomes easy and every day is a holiday

      Create A Whole New Level Of Health

      Using understandings of new science Brian has integrated new sciences of clean eating, advanced qi gong techniques and a variety of therapies never discussed on the channel that have massively changed Brian’s daily energy and overall health. Using reality creation principles Brian feels better than he did in high school and he wants to add this to your overall reality

      Enter Into The Large Sums Of Money State

      Fine tune your state on several levels so that not only you find money but that you receive large sums continuously and quickly in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis. You can program this financial experience into your reality matrix on multiple levels. Brian has not discussed business plans and strategies but you will hear his own story and how you can duplicate this simple but powerful process

      So if you were ready YESTERDAY to start living the reality you've always dreamed of it's time to join The AURA Program and get:

      My Core 2 Part AURA Trainings ($197)

      The Twin Flames Meditation ($97)

      The Sexual Transmutation Of Energy Training ($97)

      Reality Con Live Recordings ($497)

      90 Day Meditation Program ($997)

      That's a Total of $1,885

      Between the Reality you have now and the reality you want

      Don't let your reality keep being defined by someone or something other than yourself

      You can close the gap

      You have the power to create the life of your dreams

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      The Aura Program Content

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