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Travis Sago - Adskills S3 Method

Travis Sago - Adskills S3 Method

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Travis Sago - Adskills S3 Method


Agency Owner: Do you have a secret fear of losing a client?

"My ad agency was on the razor’s edge, and losing a single client would have me on the brink of bankruptcy"

"But I made 60k the first time I used this 'S3 Method,' and my life was changed... forever."

Do you feel like your agency's financial health is on a slippery slope?

Are you under constant stress? The prospect of losing just one client would cause all kinds of alarm bells to go off?

I get it, I was in that exact situation… All. Day. Long. Until I was introduced to the S3 Method by a mentor, and now good friend… let’s call him Mr. X.

The S3 method rescued me from near bankruptcy, and has changed everything. I’ve been having 6 figure months like clockwork, ever since.

Right around 2014, I was much less known back then. My name, ‘Justin Brooke’ alone, was no client magnet… at all.

If I lost a client, man... I felt it! I’d be left with just enough money to run my business and pay the bills.

And not a penny more.

IM Scalable, my old agency, needed to quickly find a “replacement” client or things would go south, fast.

And even if we were lucky enough to get a referral and replace the lost client... the whole "scrambling for clients" situation was bound to happen again.

Getting that one client didn't really solve our REAL issue... it just bought us some time.

Still, I couldn't sleep on retainer renewal days until I saw all the payments had come through.

Because the REAL problem was, we had no wait list of affluent clients.

We had no means to set up and dial in a webinar... no money to hire a good salesperson... and absolutely no time to spend on strategy sessions with unqualified prospects.

We were up to our knees in client work, even with a few clients.

I found myself forced to figure out a way to bring in clients with what I had: half an hour a day after waking up, before my first client call in the morning... and my social media account with a few business connections.

That’s where Mr. X’s method came into play. I could literally divide my life in 2 different eras: BS3 and AS3 (before S3 and after S3).

Before S3, I had a big identity crisis with...

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