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Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy 3.0

Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy 3.0

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THE AFFLUENT ACADEMY 3.0: The world's Most Comprehensive Agency Training program.


      I'll Teach You How To Build A Wildly Profitable Agency In 2024 and BEYOND...

      It’s our ongoing mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success that flows freely in abundance. That’s what defines Affluent.

      The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students with no previous experience, generate £millions in revenue – creating countless successful marketing agencies.

      It's so much more than just a course, it's a done-with-you mentorship program.

      A proven path to agency success in 90 days or less

      1. Mindset Training
      2. Find Clients
      3. Sign Clients
      4. Get Results
      5. Scale Agency

      What's included within Affluent Academy 3.0?

      MODULE 1

      7 Lessons

      Mental Foundations

      From the start, we teach you how to set yourself up for success. It’s vitally important that you yourself are a success first before we can begin on actually launching your agency. It’s these crucial foundations that separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

      MODULE 2

      6 Lessons

      The Launch Sequence

      In this week you will learn how to set up all the essentials before starting work on your marketing agency, even if you’re completely new to business. You’ll be able to establish your position in the industry, giving you the highest chance of success right from launch.

      MODULE 3

      Finding Clients

      You will learn how to set up all the essentials before starting work on your marketing agency, even if you’re completely new to business. You’ll be able to establish your position in the industry, giving you the highest chance of success right from launch.

      MODULE 4

      10 Lessons

      Securing Meetings

      In this week you will learn how to convert cold leads into meetings, using a variety of different strategies. You will also learn how to master sales, even if you have no previous experience selling before.

      MODULE 5

      11 Lessons

      How To Close Clients

      No sales experience? No problem. We'll teach you how will learn how to convert warm leads into paying clients using our complete multi-platform meeting strategy. Even if you're a total novice to selling.

      MODULE 6

      6 Lessons

      Real Sales Examples

      Watch Jordan close high-ticket clients from start to finish, from initial outreach to contract signed. These call recordings will demonstrate a number of different sales based environments, including live objection handling.

      MODULE 7

      7 Lessons

      The Science of Getting Results

      Big agencies deliver exceptional results. In this week you will learn the psychology behind why marketing works and absolutely all of the foundations around getting set up with both your agency and a brand new client.

      MODULE 8

      10 Lessons

      Agency Scaling & Automations

      In this week you will learn how to scale your agency to reach your personal goals and build an incredible team that’ll grant you back the time-freedom every business owner strives for.

      Jordan Platten - Supercharging With HighLevel

      What's included?

      Client Acquisition With JustClose

      •  StartCourse and Product Overview
      •  StartJustClose Setup For Agencies
      •  StartCreating Your Account Snapshot
      •  StartClient Acquisition Machine

      Lead Generation With GHL Agency

      •  StartGHL Agency Account Setup
      •  StartClient Onboarding Process
      •  StartAppointment Setting System
      •  StartConverting Your Account To SaaS

      Your Instructor

      Jordan Platten

      An English entrepreneur, author, speaker & Internet personality. After being kicked out of university at 23 he scaled a digital marketing agency to 6 figure profits in less than 6 months. He has since generated millions in new revenue for businesses all over the globe. Jordan made it his ongoing mission to help others on the pursuit for a better life and now mentors thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs through his various media channels and online education business.

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      Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy 3.0 Course Content

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      Q: What are Gumroad Payments?

      A: Gumroad Works as the payment gateway here, you get directed to an item on Gumroad that is linked to your BizArena order, once You complete you purchase on Gumroad, Your order on BizArena will be automatically Completed.

      Q: Why Your Courses Are Cheap, Is This Website Legit?

      A: Most of our courses come from Group buys.

      We either do our own group buys or organize them.

      So We have access to everything.

      And other times, We are only a participant and other people organize them for us and deliver the product to us. Every course has its own unique conditions. Some Courses we get for cheap prices (Group Buy Prices).

      And others not. We get them for an expensive price. We are making sure that We can provide affordable prices but sometimes, It is really out of our hands.

      In both cases:

      1. We only share videos, PDFS, any other documents or audio files.

      2. We don't share any Facebook Group Access or any other private communities.

      3. We add updates frequently once they are released.

      Q: How Am I Going To Receive The Course After Fulfilling My Payment And How Soon Will I Receive It?

      A: once you complete your purchase you will receive a direct link at your email, the course will also be added to your BizArena account dashboard at the "My downloads" Tab.

      Q: Do I Need A Paid Mega.Nz Account To Access The Courses?

      A: Nope, you will receive the link generated from our accounts and will use the quota from our accounts as well, this means you don't need anything else at all.

      Q: How Can I Be Sure That I'll Receive The Course That I Paid For?

      A: We have the course, you paid for it, and you will receive it.

      Firstly, you need to know that we have 100% secure payment options like Stripe and PayPal which both have refund options so you don't have to worry about that.

      Secondly, You can request content proof, we will send you screenshots of the course content, sample video links, and everything you need to make your concerns disappear.

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