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Could You Build YOUR Business on the Back of a QUIZ?

There’s never been a better time to start or grow your business with THIS competitive advantage. Whether you are selling…


Digital Products

Affiliate Marketing

Coaching & Consulting

Agency & Freelancing

High Ticket Programs

Selling via Webinar

Product Launches

Or Phone Appointments

If You’re A Local Business

Large Multinational Company

Or Even A Complete Beginner!

Big Companies Everywhere are Leveraging the “Personalization Phenomenon” With QUIZZES…

From Saatva Mattress, the $375 million mattress company that came out of nowhere on the back of a quiz, the well-known bridal company David’s Bridal, the skincare company Murad, AirBnB, and markets ranging from coffee subscriptions to vitamins to charities to even the RV market…

Quizzes are EVERYWHERE.

Quizzes are both HUGELY POPULAR and MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE to sell MORE of your products or services…

We Help Both Big Companies & Complete Beginners Build Highly-Profitable QUIZ Funnels for Different Types of Businesses Including…


Snack Nation generates over $24M per year, tripled their revenue, and cut their cost per lead through their QUIZ funnel.

Info Products

Charlie Wallace went from $12K/mo to $2.2M/yr + Named Top 10 Entrepeneur under 30 thru his Guitar Course QUIZ.

Affiliate Marketing

Over $319,619 in affiliate commission in < 30 days selling TRIBE from the email list built through a single QUIZ Funnel.

Email List Building

Gaby and Luis Carlos built an email list of 1,018,522 leads in < 10 days at a cost of $0.26/lead with a 4x ROI thru their QUIZ.

Getting Clients

Morgan Gist MacDonald sells her $15K High Ticket directly on the back of her “Publishing Path” QUIZ Funnel.


Loan Builder QUIZ Funnel Assessment generated over 20,000 Customers and led to a $183M PayPal acquisition.


Michael Hyatt’s “Platform Assessment” QUIZ to webinar generates $203,451/month, and a 61% cold traffic opt-in rate.


Amy Porterfield had a $5M product launch on the back of her “What Type of Course is Right for You” QUIZ Funnel.


Neil Gordon went from driving for Lyft to earning $100K/month in < 2 years through is “Public Speaker Type” QUIZ.

I Discovered This Almost By Accident…

The year was 2008, and I was working for AIG in China when the recession hit and I quit my job to start my own business. I was terrified, but I knew I HAD to do it.

I grew up working class (my mom cut hair for a living), and after studying neuroscience at Brown and then working on Wall Street… I thought I wanted a corporate life with a nice salary and benefits. But something was missing. The dream of starting my own business just wouldn’t let go…until I finally decided to make the leap.

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