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Jeff Sauer - FB Ads Complete Data...

Jeff Sauer - FB Ads Complete Data Master Package

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Let me know if you’ve had any of these problems with Facebook Ads:

You put money into the Facebook Machine and get nothing back

You get leads from Facebook Ads… BUT none of them convert into customers

Your ad campaigns start off great… and then you hit the proverbial “Facebook Brick Wall”

If you’ve experienced these frustrations, you’re far from alone.

We surveyed 667 Facebook advertisers, and it turns out…

The things we love about Facebook Ads… are also the things we hate.

Facebook would rather NOT talk about data these days…

And many marketing “experts” treat data like a four-letter word that’s too powerful for you to process.

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Jeff Sauer - FB Ads Complete Data Master Package


It seems like every Facebook marketer on the planet is pushing their “Double-Comma Award Winning” funnel as the ultimate solution to your problems.


Now, I’ll admit, I’ve bought into the funnel fallacy in the past.


Yet, here’s the problem. The one-funnel-for-all strategy assumes everyone in your audience will follow a similar path to purchase. It’s a buy-or-die mentality.


And when you use this approach, most of your leads lose interest quickly, which means your conversions become more expensive.


So what’s the alternative to a single-path funnel philosophy?


Focus on matching your marketing tactics to the content in your ads, and help people have a positive experience with your brand.


Giving your audience a positive interaction with your brand allows you to keep the line of communication open (at a low cost) as that audience continues to engage with your ads and content.


Armed with the knowledge you’ve gained today, you have some choices when it comes to advertising on Facebook in 2020 and beyond.


You can take what you’ve learned today, and try to fill in the gaps… spending weeks and months of your advertising budget in hopes of putting all the pieces together.


You can hire an expensive agency (that hasn’t done the research or compiled the resources for you that I have) to manage your Facebook Ads account


You can ignore the information I’ve shared… and continue to pull the lever on the Facebook Ads slot machine, hoping eventually Facebook will deliver you results before your budget runs out.

OR you can:

Become an early adopter of a research-based methodology,

Follow a step-by-step system,

And get access to a library of resources…

That will combine to give you the edge on Facebook Ads headed into 2020 and beyond.

Here’s exactly what you’re going to experience inside FB Ads Mastery:

MODULE 1 : FB Ads Bootcamp

MODULE 2 : Navigating Facebook Ads

MODULE 3 : How Facebook Ads Works

MODULE 4 : Mastering Audience Targeting

MODULE 5 : Getting Your Data Right

MODULE 6: Earning A Positive ROI From Facebook Ads

MODULE 7 : Cementing Your Data Driven Advertiser Status

When You Enroll Today, You’ll Also Get Access To:

BONUS 1 :​The Data Driven Quick-Access FB Ads Library

BONUS 2: The Data Driven FB Ads Playbook​

(Full Release November 2019)

BONUS 3 :GTM Powered Facebook Advertising

(Releasing January 2020)

​BONUS 4 : ​Data Driven FB Ads Calculators

BONUS 5: The Consolidated Google Data Studio PPC Reporting Dashboard

BONUS 6 : ​Data Tools Discounts

​BONUS 7 : Unlimited Support

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