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Digital Marketer - Paid Traffic Mastery 2019...

Digital Marketer - Paid Traffic Mastery 2019 Edition

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Digital Marketer - Paid Traffic Mastery 2019 Edition


A Brand New Dive Deep Into The Facebook Ad Platform

As a marketer, our job is to meet the customers where they already are. And where they already are is Facebook. With well over 2 BILLION daily active users, Facebook is the premier platform for marketers to mine leads and sell products and services. Facebook advertising expert Molly Pittman will walk you through the ins and outs of the platform and show you EXACTLY how to design ad campaigns that generate results for your business… fast.

The 3-Step Automated Traffic System

Build an automated traffic system that generates leads and sales for your business 24 hours a day. Learn all about the ever-important “traffic temperature” and how media buying is actually like building an in-person relationship.

How to Build A Successful Ad Campaign

Watch step-by-step “deep dive” videos on how to build successful ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Discover the five elements of a high converting paid traffic campaign and how you can leverage them to send thousands of leads to your business.

The Metrics That Matter (and the ones that don’t)

Learn to analyze the metrics that actually matter so that you can “trim the fat” from your campaigns and scale without accruing extra costs. Quit wasting time analyzing numbers that are useless to your bottom line.


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About Your Instructors

Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman

At DigitalMarketer, Molly spent over $2M on paid traffic and generated OVER 300,000 leads (& tens of thousands of customers) while maintaining a positive return on ad spend. She's consulted 150+ brands in markets such as: health & fitness, personal finance, beauty, crafts, professional practices, manufacturing & more...

Mike Rhodes

Mike is approaching "wily veteran" status in the Adwords world. He's in his 13th year of building & running campaigns for businesses & brands all over the globe. He's the co-author of the world's best selling book on Adwords 'The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords', now in its 5th edition.

Tom Breeze

Tom Breeze is CEO of Viewability, an international video advertising agency. Tom has built thousands of successful advertising campaigns, testing & tracking all of the results. It's all about ROI for Tom—turning ad spend into profit.

Become Certified in Paid Traffic Mastery and Discover A Repeatable System For Generating New Leads and Customers...

World-renowned YouTube advertising expert, Tom Breeze, shows you how to master video advertising so that you can drive more leads, more sales, and increase ROI on your campaigns.

Leading Google AdWords Authority, Mike Rhodes, takes you step-by-step through the ins and outs of how to use Google AdWords to effectively grow your customer base and drive conversions.

Brand New Examples of winning ads so that you can model your own ads after PROVEN campaigns and continually crank out winning campaigns.

Think you’ll have to take extensive notes to pass the exam? Think again. Each module includes a comprehensive notes section that you can reference before, during, and after the quizzes.

Create a customer avatar for your ideal client or customer so that you can cater your messaging to better target leads that are more likely to buy your product or service.

Track your campaign’s progress and success by establishing conversion metrics that actually matter to you, your business, and your bottom line.

Learn advanced retargeting strategies and how you can leverage multiple touch points on high-value leads to to maximize your efforts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google.

Our brand new interface makes it easy for you to navigate and consume the content and track your progress on the way to becoming a Paid Traffic Master.

Identify your prospect’s core buying emotion to write an ad that triggers their deepest desires with hard-hitting copy that moves them to take action…

Determine your prospect’s “traffic temperature” and use it to create ads that seize attention and speak directly to “the conversation in their head.”

Discover how to structure ad copy for ANY company or industry, with show-and-tell samples from e-commerce, B2B, B2C, and more.

Troubleshoot the ads you’re already running without having to waste valuable time and energy starting over from scratch.

Carefully Construct a completely automated traffic system that generates leads and sales for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Follow step-by-step instructions on how to build multiple successful ad campaigns on on “the Big 4” traffic platforms.

Discover the secret to scaling your campaign once you have a winner so you can build MASSIVE subscriber lists while avoiding the ad fatigue that can lead to increased click costs.

What If You Didn’t Have to “Pay” for Traffic?



…what if traffic “paid” you?


And what if acquiring new customers was as simple as pulling a lever?


It sounds outlandish, but that’s exactly what “Traffic Masters” do. And once you’ve completed this newly updated mastery class, you too will know how to leverage traffic channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to not only grow your customer base…


…but to grow your customer base at a PROFIT.


Just imagine: you’ll no longer have to practice “hope-and-pray” or “wait-and-see” marketing. You’ll never find yourself shoulder-shrugging your way through another quarter of questions like “how are we going to get leads this month?” or “why are our competitors succeeding and we aren’t?”


In fact, those questions will be a distant memory.


Traffic will come, because you’ll have the knowledge AND tools to make it come predictably and repeatedly.


But how do you actually do it?


How do you take a message to the “unwashed masses” and convert virtual strangers into friends without breaking the bank?


That’s exactly what you’re about to learn in this newly updated Certification & Mastery Course…

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