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Dan Smith – Ecommerce Mentorship &...

Dan Smith – Ecommerce Mentorship & Blueprint

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why is now the best time to get into eCommerce Mentorship & Blueprint?

e-commerce sales are increasing each and every year by a dramatic amount. since covid-19 we have seen a surge in just how many people are purchasing products online.

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Dan Smith – Ecommerce Mentorship & Blueprint


a  dead-simple business model, not always easy but simple! Dropshipping is the secret that myself and my students use to obtain the insane results that you are seeing!

I will make this as simple as possible:

1. Find your winning product

2. Have your supplier get it way cheaper

3. Create your website

4. Run simple/effective ads on Social Media

5. Visitors come to your store and BUY at your set price

6. You lock in profits FIRST (So no risk).

7. Supplier sends the product directly to the customer. (So no Inventory)

8. Rinse and repeat!!

This method is exactly how I am making my money and the same for my students. The best part about this concept is that there is barely any risk. We don’t have to hold inventory and we lock in profits before we pay product costs!

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