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    Copy Secrets I’ve Used to Generate $914,328 in Freelance Writing Revenues Over the Past Two Years …

    Dear Reader,

    The last few years, I’ve gone back to my roots.

    By that I mean — less consulting … less of the “business” side of stuff.

    In short, I wanted to write again.

    I wanted to get up at 6 a.m. and write till noon or so …

    Then have the rest of the day to myself.

    But before I did, there’s something I did that I haven’t done in quite some time.

    I “revisited” a very powerful resource … one that was created by some of the great Master Copywriters who’ve had an important influence on my life.

    Doing this accomplished two things:

    It gave me the confidence and motivation to write more copy — and better copy — than I’ve written in my entire career …

    And it further ingrained some very powerful and advanced skills I’m certain only one in a thousand copywriters know about.

    Today I want to share that resource with you.

    Because I wholeheartedly believe it can have a profound and immediate impact on your writing success.

    In fact, I’m so sure it will, I’d like you to have it and benefit from it for two years at my risk.

    More on that in a moment …

    But first, my name is Paul Hollingshead.

    I’m one of the Co-Founders of AWAI and a working freelance copywriter.

    And although I’ve been writing a good deal of copy over the years, I feel the last several have been more dedicated to “business stuff”: consulting, taking meetings, traveling to clients, finding and hiring other writers, developing marketing strategies, and so on.

    Only when the time permitted was I able to work on my own freelance projects.

    Point is, I felt a little like I’d lost a piece of “the writer’s life” we talk so much about at AWAI …

    You know what I mean …

    That special life you can carve out for yourself when you learn this powerful skill:

    The opportunity to make a good income outside the stifling confines of a 9-to-5 job …

    No bosses …

    No daily commute …

    No office politics …

    No faceless entity telling you where you have to be, when you can go home, and when you can go on vacation.

    Travelling to scheduled meetings and client’s offices, sitting in on conference calls … I felt like I didn’t have the cherished freedom I once had … where I could look at the week ahead … choose the hours I wanted to write … and have the rest of the time completely to myself.

    That’s when I said — enough! I want to write again and forget about that “other stuff.”

    But the truth is, that “other stuff” paid well. And I knew if I was going to make up that “non-writing” income, my copy would have to be that much better.

    Which brings me full circle to the very special resource that — if you’re serious about becoming a great copywriter — I’d like you to try it … for two years … at my risk.


    Because by applying the deeper secrets and persuasive strategies found in this powerful resource, I was not only able to “make up” that extra income …

    I was able to make it up … and much, much more …

    In fact, looking at the 1099’s from just ONE of my main clients the last two years, I’ve generated over $914,328 in writing fees and royalties.

    One client!

    I was amazed. And frankly, a little shocked.

    But then again, when I look back at some of the writing and royalty checks I’ve received over the past year …

    $13,650 last April …

    $39,705, $45,000, and $27,500 last May …

    $22,400 in June …

    $39,305 in August …

    $16,542 in September …

    $42,841, $11,577, $29,412, and $9,905 in October …

    $8,192 and $8,369 in December …

    $11,372 in January …

    $10,447, $9,353, and $26,868 in February …

    Well, with checks like that rolling in, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised!

    And remember — this was money earned writing what some people would consider part-time hours — from 6 a.m. to noon most days … and long stretches of “fun days” in between!

    Now I’ll be frank …

    There are a lot of AWAI members I speak with at Bootcamp who say they’re happy making an extra $50,000 … $80,000 … even $100,000 a year writing copy.

    That’s great!

    And to be perfectly honest, if that’s you, you don’t likely need the advanced skills the resource I want to share with you today gives you.

    But if you’re one of those who want it all …

    If You Want it All

    All the freedom the writer’s life gives you … AND a super charged income to go with it.

    I’m talking $200,000 … $300,000 … even $400,000 writing the same amount of copy — then you’ll want to consider my risk-free offer today.

    In fact, if I’ve learned one thing about this business in all the time I’ve been doing it, the only difference between a $100,000 and a $400,000 income is the clients you’re writing for … and the royalties you’re earning.

    And that boils down to one thing: the skills you can bring to the game.

    Let me give you an example.

    Ever since I got into this business 18 years ago, the companies I’ve written and consulted for are starving for copy. Every month, they need literally hundreds of letters, sales promotions, video scripts, web pages, lift notes, autoresponders, and more.

    Most of those are smaller projects that can bring in anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 in revenue for the company. In most cases, these mini-campaigns work to keep cash flow moving … while offering valuable products and “upsells” to the company’s existing customers …

    These are the projects the typical “B” Level copywriter can handle — folks who can write a good, solid, direct promotional piece. And, yes, they’re paid well relative to the revenue those letters bring in.

    But some projects — typically one out of five — are important campaigns vital to the company’s bottom line.

    Typically, they’re responsible for generating the bulk of the company’s revenue — and can bring in a million dollars or more each time they’re mailed — things like new product launches, core product promotions, lifetime offers, and more.

    Or they’re crucial to attracting more new, paid customers, which is the lifeblood of — not just the direct-response business — but every company in the world.

    For these crucial projects, clients will turn exclusively to “A” Level copywriters.

    I’m talking about seasoned writers who understand the deeper secrets to “connecting” with their prospect … who know how to build a promotion around a unique and compelling idea … and can construct an irresistible offer.

    That’s why “A” Level copywriters are in such high demand — and paid so well.

    Because they’ve learned the secrets to writing copy that breaks through all the advertising clutter out there … and rises above the rest.

    You’ve seen these letters.

    Every industry has them. They’re known as “breakthroughs.”

    And you remember them.

    Where the Big Money Awaits …

    In my niche — financial publishing — one breakthrough letter brought in over 300,000 new customers for a newsletter business and probably paid the writer who wrote it over a million dollars in royalties.

    Another I saw recently generated over $15 million in “back-end” sales — which is the term used for selling other, typically higher-priced products to existing customers. Assuming that copywriter is paid the typical royalty given to “A” Level copywriters … he or she could have made over $450,000 …

    For a letter that might have taken a few weeks to write!

    Of course, not every letter is a blockbuster. But I can tell you from my own experience …

    Once you understand the deeper secrets to writing “A” Level copy — and you can attract those “marquee” projects — it’s not unusual for a single promotion you write to pay you tens of thousands of dollars … at a minimum!

    For instance, not long ago, I got paid a royalty for over $29,000 — after an update to a letter I wrote two years ago.

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