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Kim Krause Schwalm – 3rs Royalties...

Kim Krause Schwalm – 3rs Royalties Retainers and Recurring Revenue Complete Virtual Program

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The 3 R’s: Royalties, Retainers & Recurring Revenue — The Ultimate Freelance Business-Building Intensive 

The freelance copywriting dream is NOT over!


The 3 R’s: Royalties, Retainers & Recurring Revenue is a 3-part virtual training program. It’s the ultimate freelance business-building intensive… and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.   


This virtual training program is designed to show you just how easy it can be to land royalty, retainer, and recurring revenue deals in your freelance copywriting business.   


The entire program was recorded LIVE on interactive group calls with detailed slides. Every word was captured on transcripts for easy reference. And a fourth Q&A call was thrown in at the last minute. 


Throughout these no-holds-barred calls, Kim and Chris walked a small group of copywriters step-by-step through the system they use to land these kinds of deals… leaving no stone unturned. No filters, no secrets withheld--just the down-and-dirty details no one tells you (and that you usually have to learn from the “school of hard knocks”!)  


Kim and Chris not only did a deep dive into the topics of landing royalty, retainer and recurring revenue deals… they also answered all of the attendees’ troubleshooting questions in real time. It’s all recorded for you on video - and you can see how these strategies were implemented in real life negotiations.   


This isn’t one of those “just follow the instruction manual” type trainings… this program gives you the strategies--along with the tools-- you need to overcome any obstacle standing in your way of landing bigger and better copywriting deals.  


Sales Page: https://anon.to/LtVRuL

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