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    MeasureSchool - Fast-track your Marketing...

    MeasureSchool - Fast-track your Marketing success - Course Collection

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    MeasureSchool - Fast-track your Marketing success Collection


    Fast-track your Digital Marketing journey, in a data-driven way.

    Go from analytics Rookie to Master in weeks, not years.

    MeasureSchool provides video tutorials, courses & other resources to help marketers ... Fast-track your Digital Marketing journey, a data-driven way.

    Fill those gaps in your analytics knowledge:

    • Know where your users are coming from

    • Conversion Tracking

    • Form Tracking

    • Auto-Event Tracking

    • Funnel Tracking

    • Data Analysis

    • Reporting

    & much more

    We help you become a better marketer:

    • Gain the confidence to implement tracking by yourself

    • Read what your data is telling you

    • Know what campaign is and isn't working

    • Influence and persuade stakeholders with data

    • Start making data-driven business decisions

    This collection includes:


    • Google Analytics for Beginners

    • Facebook Pixel Tracking8

    • HTML& CSS for Marketers

    • Behind the Scenes

    • Google Sheets for Data Analysis

    • GTM for AdWords Professionals

    • JavaScript Basics for Marketers

    • Introduction to APIs with Postman App

    • Advanced Event Tracking with GTM

    • JavaScript and the DOM

    • GTM Auto-Event Tracking Course

    • Google Tag Manager Essentials Training

    • Google Tag Manager for Beginners

    • Building Dashboards with Google Data Studio

    • Form Tracking with GTM

    • GTM data layer Writing Workshop

    • Ecommerce Tracking with Google Tag Manager

    • Correct Google Analytics Setup

    • BigQuery for Marketers

    • Google Tag Manager Beyond the Basics

    • Google Data Studio Essentials Training

    • Advanced Google Analytics Integrations with Google Tag Manager

    • JavaScript for GTM

    • CSS for GTM Challenges

    • GTM Essential Challenges

    • Data layer Challenges

    • Advanced GA Implementations Challenges

    • GTM Beginners Challenges


    • 1-SOP Library

    • 2-Big Query Cloud Function Pipeline

    • 3-5OP- Installing Google Analytics Cross-Domain Tracking with GTM

    • 4-5OP- Installing GIM on Word Press

    • 5-Stripe Recurring Revenue script

    • 6-Google Analytics Offline Transaction Uploader

    • 7-Measure Helper & Debugging Tools

    • 8-Mailchimp JavaScript API Proxy

    • 9-GTM to Email Sender Script

    • 10-shopity data Layer implementation

    • 11-Developer Specification Enhanced Ecommerce data layer

    • 12-Google lag Manager Template Account

    • 13-UTM Builder (Chrome Extension)

    • 14-GTM Copy Paste Extension

    • 15-Funnel Tracking Sheet

    • 16-Developer Specification Form Submission data layer Implementation

    • 17-Developer Speciation G TIM Container Code implementation

    • 18-Developer Specification (Classic) Ecommerce data Layer

    • 19-GTM Notifications

    • 20-GTM Active Campaign Contact Information script

    • 21-Google Tag Manager Migration Checklist

    • 22-Measurement Plan

    • 23-Coaching Troubleshooting Call

    • 24-DataStudio Dashboard Vault

    • 25-Sandbox - Demo website

    • 26-GTM Template Vault

    • 27-Guide When Developer is Not Around But You Really Need Some Data in GTM

    • 28-Google ag Manager Audit

    • 29-Google Analytics Audit Template

    • 30-Enhanced Ecommerce Data Layer Spec Tool

    • 31-GTM data Layer Builder

    • 32-Newsletter Builder

    • 33-YouTube Thumbnail Maker

    • 34-UTM Builder Tool

    • 35-GTM Lookup Table Builder

    • 36-GTM Variable Inserter (Chrome Extension)

    • 37-Google Analytics Refundr

    • 38-GTM Renamr


    • 1-Google Optimize Installation Update

    • 2-Tracking different Form Elements (including Checkboxes) with GTM

    • 3-Use CookieFlags to set your Google Analytics Cookies to Secure

    • 4-How to create a Google Analytics Rollup Property

    • 5-How to track EverWebinar with Google Tag Manager

    • 6-How to install Google Optimize with Google Tag Manager

    • 7-How to install Tracking on AcuityScheduling Pages

    • 8-Google Tag Manager vs. the Global Site Tag (gtagjs) - Similarities and Differences

    • 9-Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking with the GTM for WordPress Plugin

    • 10- How to Setup Site Search in Google Analytics

    • 11-How to label Users in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

    • 12-3 Myths People Believe About Tracking (That Are Wrong

    • 13- How to Create Custom UTM Parameters via Google Tag Manager

    • 14- How to Track Phone Number Clicks with Google Tag Manager

    • 15- Google Tag Manager vs. Google Analytics- Which one to use and when

    • 29-The best way to Install Google Analytics on a WordPress Website




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    Q: Why Your Courses Are Cheap, Is This Website Legit?

    A: Most of our courses come from Group buys.

    We either do our own group buys or organize them.

    So We have access to everything.

    And other times, We are only a participant and other people organize them for us and deliver the product to us. Every course has its own unique conditions. Some Courses we get for cheap prices (Group Buy Prices).

    And others not. We get them for an expensive price. We are making sure that We can provide affordable prices but sometimes, It is really out of our hands.

    In both cases:

    1. We only share videos, PDFS, any other documents or audio files.

    2. We don't share any Facebook Group Access or any other private communities.

    3. We add updates frequently once they are released.

    Q: How Am I Going To Receive The Course After Fulfilling My Payment And How Soon Will I Receive It?

    A: once you complete your purchase you will receive a direct link at your email, the course will also be added to your BizArena account dashboard at the "My downloads" Tab.

    Q: Do I Need A Paid Mega.Nz Account To Access The Courses?

    A: Nope, you will receive the link generated from our accounts and will use the quota from our accounts as well, this means you don't need anything else at all.

    Q: How Can I Be Sure That I'll Receive The Course That I Paid For?

    A: We have the course, you paid for it, and you will receive it.

    Firstly, you need to know that we have 100% secure payment options like Stripe and PayPal which both have refund options so you don't have to worry about that.

    Secondly, You can request content proof, we will send you screenshots of the course content, sample video links, and everything you need to make your concerns disappear.

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