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Eben Pagan - Future Coach

Eben Pagan - Future Coach

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All New A.I. Training Program For Coaches


    • Learn the Language of A.I. called "Prompting" 
    • Train Your A.I. to Speak in Your Unique Voice     
    • Build Your Brand (and Your Confidence!)
    • Get LIVE Coaching + Demos + Q&A

    Learn to use “Digital Intelligence” - the most powerful new technology of our lifetime - to write great marketing, create your online courses, and make powerful presentations to get clients... and get it all done LIVE in the next 6 Weeks!

    Here's What You'll Get Today

    12 “Psychic Marketing” A.I. Tools

    Get 12 A.I. Powered Tools to get these things "Done For You" in minutes instead of hours or days:

    • Write Your Coaching Bio for you (no more blank page!)
    • Target Your Coaching Niche and Get Rid of Guesswork
    • Clarify Your Personal Brand so you can grow with confidence
    • Create Your Dream Client Avatar and Know What Makes Them Buy
    • Identify Client's Motivating Values so you can speak directly to their heart
    • Speak in your Dream Client’s Voice and Never Sound Like A Sales Person
    • Write articles and blog posts that make your clients want to buy
    • Write your video scripts So You Can "Get Yourself Out There"
    • Write your book and course outlines faster and reach more people
    • Write your emails to customers for you so You're Always On Their Mind
    • ‍Write your Facebook ads and scale your business into the sky!
    • Create your Unique Value Offer that Sells Itself For You

    My $100 Million Marketing Templates

    Don't "reinvent the wheel" with your marketing! We have spent Millions of Dollars over the past 2 decades to craft the Exact Templates that work best for coaches. We have used these same formulas for years and now you can use them too.

    This is the one of the most valuable tools we've ever created and using them to create your web pages ensures that they are done RIGHT each time using our best proven strategies for one purpose: Getting Great Clients!

    • My collection of fill-in-the-blank headline formulas to interesting articles and emails
    • Quickly identify what's motivating your ideal client so that they want to work with YOU
    • 19 templates and models, with worksheets and lessons, that we used to grow your company from zero to over $100 Million in sales using the same tools we do...

    6-Week Virtual Coach Program

    The Virtual Coach Is The Most Complete Coaching & Business Training Program in the world we want you to have the best training around. Build your Confidence. Build your Credibility. Get More Clients, Guaranteed.

    • You’ve invested time and energy to learn your skills and now it’s time to build a truly GREAT coaching business and help thousands more clients a year while working from home
    • Learn the exact steps that anyone must follow to be a successful professional coach, how to know if you are doing a good job, the 4 secrets to communicating well, and how the biggest coaches build deep empathic connections with their highest paying clients
    • The insider's look at the real work you must do to get clients and grow your coaching business, avoid getting pulled away to do things that distract you, and break through the challenges that keep you from going BIG with your message
    • Get trained, qualified, and certified while you practice working with more and more clients - Use this Grow-As-You-Go method

    Join From This Page Today And Get $2,700 in Bonuses

    Bonus #1

    UPGRADE: Master Prompting Live

    Learn the secret techniques to "Train The A.I." to speak in your voice, outline and create your content, marketing, and website segments - and do more in an hour than you used to do in a week. This Live Course will teach you the formulas to leverage the true power of A.I. in your business and achieve Super Productivity with your daily tasks.

    • "Say Goodbye to Tedious Tasks" - Imagine a day where you’re no longer swamped with tedious business tasks. With our guidance, you'll master the art of assigning these to an A.I., freeing up hours every week, that can be better spent on strategic business decisions.
    • "Boost Your Business Productivity Exponentially" - Get ahead of your competitors by tapping into the power of A.I. This Live Course will equip you with the knowledge to automate not just content, but marketing strategies and web design, thereby increasing your business productivity by leaps and bounds.
    • "Expand Your Reach Beyond Limits" - Break free from the constraints of time and location. With our A.I. strategies, you can virtually coach clients around the globe, 24/7, multiplying your impact and your income.
    • "Work Smarter, Not Harder" - Say goodbye to manual scheduling, record-keeping, and follow-ups. Let A.I. handle these time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on what you love doing the most - changing lives through your coaching.

    Bonus #2

    100 Tested Client Getting Prompts

    Unlocking the full potential of A.I. is the key to tomorrow's success. Here's a simple truth about A.I: You get out what you put in. Sadly, the majority of new coaches seeking to utilize AI in their operations are caught up in a whirlwind of misleading advice on how to correctly use these tools. However, with our proven set of Prompts, you can start to extract the best from A.I. right from the get-go.

    • Our guides will help you adapt your coaching to meet individual client needs, making them stick around longer. You'll have a steady flow of engaging content that pumps up your business.
    • Boost your online image and grow a lively community with our social media strategies. With our step-by-step guides, writing a book or creating a course won't feel like a mountain to climb. Use proven prompts for marketing emails will help you get more clicks and replies. Create catchy ads that help potential clients see the value in your coaching services.
    • Stand out from the rest with our tools to create an irresistible offer. Then find your corner of the market using our tools, reducing wasted effort and increasing chances of success.
    • First impressions count, our tools will help you craft a bio that draws in potential clients and build a personal brand that makes you the go-to coach in your field. And SO much more!

    Bonus #3

    12 Coaching A.I. Power Tools

    Transform Your Clients + Create More Value Every Time. Use these incredible tools with your clients to provide them with an unparalleled coaching experience. Give your clients the royal treatment without adding hours of work to your schedule to do it. Get happier higher paying clients, fans and students that recommend you to their friends when you use these transformative A.I. tools in the background...

    • Turn Fear Of Failure Into Action - To empower your clients to embrace risks and seize opportunities.
    • Reframe & Remove Limiting Beliefs - Which will help them break free from self-imposed constraints and unlock their potential.
    • Overcome Imposter Syndrome - To help your clients recognize their worth and stand tall in their achievements.
    • Make Rejection Into Resilience - Which will help them bounce back from setbacks and keep moving forward.
    • From Over-Thinking To "Just Do It" - To enable your clients to conquer their analysis paralysis and take decisive actions.
    • Silence Negative Self-Talk - Which will help them foster a positive mindset and boost their overall well-being.
    • Turn Low Self-Esteem Into Confidence - To give your clients the assertiveness they need to strive for their goals.
    • Transform Self-Defeating Habits - Which will help them create healthier routines that contribute to their success.
    • Procrastination Into Action - To inspire your clients to seize the day and make the most of every opportunity.
    • Activating Self-Discipline - Which will help them stay focused and committed to their personal and professional growth.
    • Lack Of Motivation Into Inspiration - To ignite their passion and drive, leading them to pursue their goals with renewed vigor.
    • Turn Perfectionism Into Progress - Which will help them recognize the value in steady improvement over unattainable perfection.

    Get 3 Fast Action Bonuses

    NEXUS: Your Affluent Client Network

    Introducing NEXUS: Your blueprint to building a network of affluent clients. If it's satisfaction you seek, coach everyone. But if it's financial success you're after, you need to focus on coaching the prosperous. Over 50 million millionaires are out there, waiting to be discovered.

    ‍Learn how to connect with and sell to the 'Millionaire Next Door'. With women making over 80% of all purchasing decisions and their wealth and power on the rise, mastering the art of coaching women is a necessity.

    "Master the Art of Selling to the Affluent" - Learn the secret sales techniques that resonate with the wealthy, enabling you to effectively showcase the value of your coaching in a way that compels them to invest.

    "Support the Rising Power of Women" - Equip yourself with the skills to effectively coach women, tapping into a market where 80% of all purchases are made, leading to an exponential growth in your coaching business.

    Self-Made WEALTH: Master Making Money

    Recognize and Overcome the Four Obstacles That Prevent Financial & Wealth Success...

    Self-Made WEALTH is a revolutionary program designed to reset your financial blueprint and put you on the path to true prosperity. We've been wired with unproductive beliefs and practices about money that hold us back from achieving genuine wealth. This program doesn't just focus on money as a measure of wealth, but delves deeper into the principles, strategies, and mindset that the world's wealthiest people use to create and sustain their affluence.

    Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect from this transformative program:

    "Redefine Your Financial Future" - Uncover the closely-guarded investment principles used by the world's wealthiest individuals, enabling you to make savvy, strategic decisions that will compound your wealth over time.

    "Take Control of Your Financial Destiny" - With the two 'Mental Money Maps', regain control over your financial success, replacing destructive emotions and victim mentality with a wealth-creating mindset.

    "Unlock Hidden Wealth Potential" - Discover reasons you might be unknowingly sabotaging your wealth accumulation and learn 8 innovative ways to create high-value products and services that will catapult you towards wealth creation.

    The PRODUCT PLAN: Create Your Course

    Introducing The Product Plan - Course Creation Masterclass, your stepping stone to creating top-notch online courses that captivate, educate, and sell. This program is specially designed to guide you through the A-Z of course creation, from conceptualizing your course idea to marketing it effectively. With this masterclass, you will gain the tools and knowledge to transform your expertise into a profitable online course that your audience will love.

    Here's a small taste of the invaluable insights you'll gain from this program:

    • ‍"From Concept to Course" - Master the art of transforming your knowledge and expertise into a well-crafted, compelling online course that attracts your ideal students.
    • "Marketing Masterclass" - Learn the secrets to effectively market your course, ensuring it gets in front of the right audience and converts potential students into ideal clients.
    • "Monetize Your Mastery" - Uncover strategies to price your course, creating an income stream that not only reflects the value of your knowledge but also boosts your profits.

    Here's Everything You Get When You With Future Coach:

    • Psychic Marketing A.I. Tools
    • $100 Million Marketing Templates
    • Virtual Coach Full Training Program & Certification
    • UPGRADE: Master Prompting Live
    • 100 Tested Client-Getting Prompts
    • 12 Coaching A.I. Power Tools
    • NEXUS: Your Affluent Client Network
    • Self-Made WEALTH: Master Making Money
    • The PRODUCT PLAN: Create Your Course

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