Hustle & Conquer - How To Create And Sell eBooks For A Living

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Make Money Selling eBooks As A Beginner

Pick A Niche

Three most profitable niches

– Health ( Muscle building, weight loss)

– Money ( Online business, stocks investing, budgeting)

– Relationships (Dating)

Pick the one you know most about or you are interested in

Find a burning pain


People are living paycheck to paycheck and they need extra income to buy luxuries or pay debt

People are drowned in debt. They need a way out

Pick one burning problem.

Don’t try to tackle multiple problems at once.

Create an offer (aka solution)

Be as specific as possible

Show how exactly are you going to solve the burning pain with your ebook.

Talk about the benefits.

Don’t bore your prospects with stats and fluff.

Convince them that they can’t live without your solution

Decide a price

Rules to follow ..

If you’re new and you don’t have a lot of authority or audience in a niche

Sell your ebooks for $10 or below.

Add value, get reviews. Increase the price later.

If you’re a pro … ( Why are you even reading this thread??)

Design a cover

Use Canva to design your ebook cover.

Canva > Template > eBooks/kindle > pick a template you like

Title should be the number one problem you’re solving

Don’t be clever. Be clear.

Not a designer? Hire someone on Fiverr.

Create a 3D cover. Use this

Write Copy

Benefits > features or stats

Use 60 second sales hook formula by Kevin Rogers

Keep it simple and clear. Don’t use jargons.


Clear > Clever

Create a pre-order page

Go to Gumroad.

Create a pre-order page.

Price = $10

Add your ebook cover & description

Hit publish

Copy the product the link

Put it in your Twitter & IG bio with a strong CTA

Why @gumroad ?

Because it’s simple, efficient & free.

I use Gumroad too.

You can use other platforms too, but I strongly recommend you use Gumroad if you’re just starting out

Promote your pre-order

Write a sales tweet and pin it on your TL (See my pinned tweet)

– Pay big Twitter pages to RT

– Pay big IG pages to promote

– Engage with people facing the problem you’re solving.

– DM them. Offer them free advice. Then pitch your ebook

Get some orders

Before you start writing your ebook get a few preorders first.

If you don’t get orders, change your sales page copy, change cover. Change offer.

Still no orders?

Try new offer.

I want you make sales before you create your ebook.

Validate first

Create your ebook

Write in Google docs.

If you use 12 size fonts for your ebook, I’ll block you


– 32 size for titles

– 17 size for texts


Bebas & Helvetica for Title

Georgia & Helvetica for text

For f**ks sake don’t center align your text.


So, you’ve sold a few preorders. It’s time to launch.

Do a big launch party. Do a Countdown sale. (15 to 30 copies) at a discount.

Use scarcity & urgency.

DM all your Twitter bros to RT your launch. (Do it nicely & most will help)

Make more sales.

Tweet content related to your ebook

So, your ebook is live. You made some money.

It’s time build authority & trust around your ebook niche.

Consistantly add value in your niche. Help people. Answer DMs.

Promote your ebook daily on the TL.

Promote daily

Don’t be afraid to sell.

Promote your offer twice a day at least.

1. Under one of your popular tweet

2. Direct sales tweet

Keep adding value

Keep helping people

Keep promoting your ebook

See your bank account