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Ad Skills PRO - BFCM Deal

Ad Skills PRO - BFCM Deal

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Learn from the world's best ad buyers with classes designed for authors, e-commerce, health and fitness experts, newsletters, and so much more...


“The ________ Market Is Expanding Much Faster Than Forecasters Predicted”

All throughout history certain industries rise and fallen.

In 1634 it was “tulip mania” in Europe.

In 1848 it was the gold rush in the US.

It should be quite obvious that the Internet is the gold rush of our age. That’s not even something I need to show you charts of to prove.

The question is "WHERE" on the whole wide web is the next gold rush or tulip mania?

In this email, I'm going to show you some charts that I believe point to the "where."

First, let's look at where job growth is happening.

Job growth is a great signal of healthy growing markets, because people can't afford to hire in poor collapsing markets.

Usually, that's where you'll see layoffs, not hires.

Introducing: The AdSkills Pro 5 Level Progression Matrix

Level 1: First-Time Ad Buyer

You’ll start out by learning the bare basics of getting your first digital ad live. If you already have a facebook account or a gmail account, then you’ve already got the first steps. You’ll walk away from this level knowing the vocabulary you need, the digital accounts you’ll need, how to reach a target prospect, track your success, and set your campaigns live.

  • You’ll know all the industry jargon and sound confident

  • You’ll know how to research a market and create a live ad campaign

  • You’ll know enough to help local businesses or charities succeed

  • You’ll be able to earn $48,000 - $60,000 annually as your salary

Level 2: Junior Ad Buyer

At this level, you’ll go from learning to mastering the basics. You’ll start working towards replacing your income. This is where you’ll get experience under your belt with our monthly mentor calls. You’ll walk away from this level knowing how to launch your agency website, create your case study, build a pipeline of leads for your agency, and sell a systematic ad-buying service as a junior ad buyer. Or land a job working at an agency to get paid while you learn the industry better.

  • You’ll be confident launching ad campaigns and fixing them

  • You’ll have several ad campaigns under your control

  • You’ll be able to help the largest local companies and franchises

  • You’ll be able to charge $1,000 - $1,500/mo for your skill level

Level 3: Freelancer

This is the level most of the industry is at, where people are able to confidently work from home. At this level, you’ll easily be able to acquire clients at $2500/month. This is the level when you start learning to filter your clients and qualify your leads so you can acquire only the best clients. You will transition from the “hunter” to the “hunted” at this level. Meaning clients will begin coming to you, instead of you chasing them.

  • You’ll have respect from peers and family for your advertising skill

  • You’ll have multiple clients who each have multiple ad campaigns

  • You’ll be able to work on national and small international accounts

  • You’ll be able to charge a minimum $2,500/mo for your skill level

  • You’ll notice clients start seeking you out instead of you chasing them

Level 4: Senior Ad Buyer or Marketing Director

By this stage you’ve built a full tool chest of skills, and assistants to help you deliver for your clients. At the end of this level you’ll have duplicatable systems to scale your services. You’ll have a content plan that positions you as an industry expert. You’ll have a mastery level of understanding ad buying and marketing setting you up for the largest and most lucrative career paths.

  • You’ll become known as an expert in the industry

  • You’ll have several assistants helping you with your client's work

  • You’ll be able to work on campaigns at the global and Fortune 500 level

  • You’ll start charging $2,500 + 10-25% profits from your campaigns

  • You’ll have enough word-of-mouth referrals to cherry-pick deals

  • You’ll be able to add consulting revenue to your services

Level 5: Advertising Guru or C Level Executive

You've made it! You replaced your "JOB" a long time ago, you have a team doing the work, you have respect from the industry, and opportunities flow to you. You’ll be sought out for your knowledge, demanding $5,000 - $10,000 per month and getting it. If you desire, you’ll even start getting speaking engagements either at industry conferences or on podcasts. The most lucrative career paths will be available to you.

  • You’ll have a team doing most of the daily work for you

  • You’ll get requests to speak on stage or on podcasts

  • You’ll be able to land clients that pay you $10,000+ per month

  • You’ll be able to earn $1,000/hr for your consulting calls

  • You’ll be able to deliver at the C-Level for large companies

  • You’ll understand all parts of the business from accounting to acquisition

Included Courses:

  • AdSkills Apex Agency - The Vault
  • AdSkills Apex Agency
  • Agency Sales Mastery
  • Media Buying Masters (The Academy)
  • Rapid Replace Yourself Kit
  • Search & Destroy

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Q: What are Gumroad Payments?

A: Gumroad Works as the payment gateway here, you get directed to an item on Gumroad that is linked to your BizArena order, once You complete you purchase on Gumroad, Your order on BizArena will be automatically Completed.

Q: Why Your Courses Are Cheap, Is This Website Legit?

A: Most of our courses come from Group buys.

We either do our own group buys or organize them.

So We have access to everything.

And other times, We are only a participant and other people organize them for us and deliver the product to us. Every course has its own unique conditions. Some Courses we get for cheap prices (Group Buy Prices).

And others not. We get them for an expensive price. We are making sure that We can provide affordable prices but sometimes, It is really out of our hands.

In both cases:

1. We only share videos, PDFS, any other documents or audio files.

2. We don't share any Facebook Group Access or any other private communities.

3. We add updates frequently once they are released.

Q: How Am I Going To Receive The Course After Fulfilling My Payment And How Soon Will I Receive It?

A: once you complete your purchase you will receive a direct link at your email, the course will also be added to your BizArena account dashboard at the "My downloads" Tab.

Q: Do I Need A Paid Mega.Nz Account To Access The Courses?

A: Nope, you will receive the link generated from our accounts and will use the quota from our accounts as well, this means you don't need anything else at all.

Q: How Can I Be Sure That I'll Receive The Course That I Paid For?

A: We have the course, you paid for it, and you will receive it.

Firstly, you need to know that we have 100% secure payment options like Stripe and PayPal which both have refund options so you don't have to worry about that.

Secondly, You can request content proof, we will send you screenshots of the course content, sample video links, and everything you need to make your concerns disappear.

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