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Leo Castro - Hiring product marketers

Leo Castro - Hiring product marketers

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Become great at hiring product marketers

Learn how to build a product marketing team based on your company’s objectives, so you can help the company succeed and win more customers.

Leo Castro: Founder of Decisive Moment Marketing

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Leo Castro - Hiring product marketers


After taking this course you’ll…

Apply what you know about your goals and personal strengths to build a team that allows you to exceed your goals both short- and long-term.

Understand the different ways product marketing teams can be organized, so you can build a team that is relevant to the company’s goals and objectives.

Apply a framework for building a team of product marketers, so you are able to achieve results over and above the sum of the parts.

Understand different tasks product marketers need to get done, so you can thoughtfully construct a product marketing team that fulfills the needs of the organization.

Shorten the time to hire by learning about where to source talent for product marketing roles.

This course is essential for you if…

Are new to team management and need to quickly hire a strong team of product marketers with complementary skills

Need to drive outsized results with limited hiring resources.

Need to find talent beyond your network of product marketers

This course is NOT for you if…

Need to find talent beyond your network of product marketers

You aren’t open to thinking about different ways to organize a product marketing team for success.

Already have a steady pool of candidates in mind to build your team.

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