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Richard Millington - Community strategy

Richard Millington - Community strategy

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Become great at community strategy

Build and scale a thriving community

Richard Millington: Founder & Managing Director @ FeverBee

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Richard Millington - Community strategy


Master the strategies you need to build a highly engaged community

As people crave deeper connection in today’s digital world, communities are more important than ever. A brand community has become a powerful tool for strengthening your organization and creating highly engaged brand advocates. But most marketers skip the most important step — the strategy.

This course will help you develop a successful community strategy, from scratch, using the best practices from today’s leading communities. Get the resources you need to launch, quickly reach a critical mass of activity, and scale your community to its full potential.

Don’t just wait and hope members will show up

Most community efforts flop because they fail to understand what truly hooks members and keeps them engaged. The “build it and they’ll come” approach might work for your local park. But it isn’t enough to build a thriving brand community.

This course will help you overcome that challenge by teaching you the step by step process of developing a magnetic community strategy. From audience research to building detailed member personas, and selecting the right platform for your audience.

Avoid costly mistakes of launching a community without a strategy, and set the foundations for sustainable growth.

After taking this course you’ll…

Have a comprehensive member journey that captures newcomers, ensures they engage in your community, and nurtures them into top community members.

Know the different technology platforms you can use, and set up the right one to match the needs of your audience.

Be able to use deep research techniques to build detailed member personas

Create a content and activities plan to boost discussion and turn top members into top contributors.

Transform your member engagement with powerful psychological rewards

Develop the perfect community platform to maximise engagement levels.

Avoid other common pitfalls by developing a comprehensive community strategy

Get to the why and find your community sweet spot

Building a community is a balancing act between what the brand wants, what the community wants, and what members want. Go too far in any one direction and you’ll end up with a ghost town or struggle against the ‘engagement trap’.

This course teaches you a framework to evaluate and balance the needs of your organization with those of its members. You’ll identify the right goals for your community, and develop a unique positioning strategy to help your community stand out.

Learn the tried and perfected processes that have helped build booming communities at organizations like Facebook, Wikipedia, Sky and Lego.

This course is essential for you if…

You’re launching a new community from scratch and you’re feeling lost, you’re not sure what you need to do or even where to begin.

You work for an organization that needs to scale its customer support and success efforts.

You’re managing a community but don’t have a clear strategy in place or vision for the future.

This course is NOT for you if…

You’re a social media manager looking for more clicks, likes, and shares on the standard social media channels.

You’re creating a blog, content site, or another platform which doesn’t allow member-to-member interaction.

You have a strong track record in delivering successful online communities and are looking to upgrade your technical skills (UX, Design, programming etc…)

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