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Dave Sottimano - Automation with Apps Script

Dave Sottimano - Automation with Apps Script

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David Sottimano: Independent consultant

Become great at automation with Apps Script

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Dave Sottimano - Automation with Apps Script


Learn by example and by building mini applications to automate your daily workflow. This course focuses on practical skills and touch on theory when it is required.

Understanding what’s possible, where to find information, and understanding general concepts are more important than memorization, therefore no prior programming experience is required.

Advanced concepts will be broken down into manageable chunks and make sure you’re confident before heading into the next phase of learning.

After taking this course you’ll…

Develop a file explorer in Google docs that allows access to your entire organization’s repository.

Understand the basics of Google Apps Script, where it can be used, it’s limitations, and how you can use Apps Script to automate your workflow.

Since Apps Script is JavaScript, you’ll learn the basics of this programming language as well. We’ll go through data types, functions, object, methods and more.

You’ll learn how to approach a problem with a developer mindset. Programming isn’t about memorization, it’s about problem solving and being able to find the answer.

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