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Ministry Of Freedom consists of 9 modules: Mindset, Tools & Applications, Launch Jacking, 

Advance Launch Jacking, Soft Launching, Email Marketing, List Building With Paid Traffic, 

Product Launching and Paid Traffic. This are the main modules at the time of writing this 

review but Jono Armstrong keeps adding content all the time.


In this module Jono Armstrong goes in-depth about the right mindset you need to have to really have success in any business and he recommends a lot of techniques and things that helps him stay motivated and focus.

Tools & Applications

In this section Jono Armstrong talks about the essential tools and applications you need to make this business work. You don’t need nothing fancy but you do need some basic materials to work online.

Launch Jacking Basic & Advance

This is the most important module and the one you really need to master as a beginner.

Launch Jacking is making video reviews on YouTube of digital products that are being released every single day and ranked your video at the top of YouTube for that product.

Jono will teach you inside Ministry of Freedom how to master this method and be the best at it, while making commissions every single day.

Big marketers email their lists every single day but a lot of the people on those lists will go to YouTube to look at reviews and that’s where you will make your money.

In Ministry Of Freedom, you will learn how to catch this traffic and how to convert this traffic into sales. This strategy alone has brought Jono Armstrong thousands of dollars per day, so you will be learning from the best, as he still does this every single day and so do I.

And remember this is all from FREE traffic. So, all the money you make doing this, is profit.

Now, this is not the typical launch jacking training you’ve been through before. It’s very in-depth and gives you advanced strategies nobody else is talking about.

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Soft Launching

In this module of the Ministry Of Freedom course, you will learn how to create a mini course of your own, so you can start to build a bit of authority with your audience by giving them your course for free.

And on top of learning this new skill, Jono allows you to put your course inside the members area of his launches, so you can start to build a list of buyers (as everyone who will op-in to your course will be people that have bought from him.)

That is super powerful.

Email Marketing & List Building With Paid Traffic

These 2 modules are all about building your list, how to do it with paid traffic and then how to actually engage with your list and the type of emails you might want to send them, to make as much money from them as possible and to also create some trust with them at the same time.

Product Launching

This is the most important module of the whole Ministry Of Freedom course (once you have master Launch Jacking).

In product creation is where the real money is made online and, in this module, you will learn the secret to making 1 million a year, like Jono Armstrong did in 2019 alone. He goes in-depth about everything you need to do to be a successful product creator and make 5-6 figures a month.

Paid Traffic

In the last module of the course you will have the opportunity to sell Ministry Of Freedom with paid traffic.

That means a potential $900 commission for you.

Jono Armstrong will give you all the resources you need to sell the webinar and apply for your link and also you have access to his 100K+ YouTube audience to start sending traffic to the funnel as soon as possible. Keep in mind that this is his own audience that you will be able to use, so it is traffic that it’s already warm, so you want have to spend a lot of money to make a sale, as these people already know who he is.

Live Calls

We get 3 Live Calls a week. 2 with Jonas Lindgren, where you can ask him anything you want about literally anything because he likes to ramble haha and 1 live call with Jono Armstrong were you can talk to him 1-on-1 and ask him whatever you want.

Normally in high ticket programs like this one, you can only type your questions on a live call with billion other people and your questions barely get answered but in Ministry Of Freedom Jono actually wants to get to know you and you can unmute your microphone in any of the live calls with him and speak to him directly.

He is very approachable and wants everyone to have success.

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