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AWAI announced this week the launch of Autoresponder Apprentice: How to Become a Successful Copywriter Without Writing Sales Letters, a brand new resource that introduces a solution for anyone who feels intimidated writing long sales letters.

Not to mention gets your foot in the door with every potential client!

The program teaches you how to write autoresponders, which are a series of short emails that are automatically sent to a new prospect who has just opted-in to an email list.

This niche is unknown by 99% of copywriters … Yet it’s a virtual goldmine for those who specialize in it. You can earn $100-$250 per email right out of the gate. Write one series of 7 autoresponder emails at that rate that’s a quick $700-$1,750 in your pocket.

That’s why AWAI has partnered up with one of the most successful autoresponder copywriters, Jay White, to bring you the quality training you need to succeed in this exciting copywriting niche.

It was just 3 short years ago that Jay stumbled across this incredible niche and now he’s earning six figures a year working from his home.

Today, self-made multimillionaire and legendary Internet marketer Alex Mandossian says he’s “the best autoresponder copywriting in the world.”

What’s more, high-profile Internet marketers like Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, and Derek Gehl keep his number on speed dial.

He’s that good.

And now Jay is revealing his formula in AWAI’s latest program, Autoresponder Apprentice: How to Become a Successful Copywriter Without Writing Sales Letters.

In it, Jay takes you by the hand and shows you how each piece of his formula works, step by step.

Here’s just a small sample of what Jay will be sharing with you:

How to craft autoresponder emails that’ll have clients chomping at the bit to hire you … and keep you busy for months to come.

How to write the most crucial part of any autoresponder series. (There’s no way you can succeed as an autoresponder copywriter without knowing this.)

How to build trust with your prospects … and evoke powerful emotions that compel them to click on the links YOU want them to. (Remember, the more clicks your emails get, the happier your clients will be … and the more they’ll be willing to pay you.)

The secret to pushing your prospect’s “hot buttons” – without “selling.”

And much, MUCH MORE!

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